Washington, DC

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From the Brookland Listserve:

“Yesterday evening around 6 pm, I arrived home, parked, got things out of my car, walked up to my front door, and put the key in and unlocked it. It was dark and rainy and our porch light wasn’t on because we hadn’t been home all day. Just as I went to turn the handle, I felt a tugging on my shoulder where I was carrying my purse and a larger tote back. I didn’t understand what was happening but grabbed onto them very tight. At some point, I realized there was a young man pulling on them. As he pulled, he dragged me back toward the steps, where I slid down on my back. I finally couldn’t hold on any more and he got the two bags and ran across the neighbor’s yard to a car that was waiting for him on 16th Street between Newton and Otis. I couldn’t get to it fast enough to see anything about it.

The police responded within minutes of my phone call and were great. Lots of police, seemed very thorough, were very respectful. And I’m fine – just a sprained finger on the hand with which I was holding onto the bags.

Be careful – it would never have occurred to me to worry about someone grabbing my purse as I stood at my front door at 6 pm. I’m going to start paying attention to any car sitting with people in it apparently doing nothing that I don’t recognize, get license plates numbers and makes, and call the police.”


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