• Chilly

    My heart says: Love it!
    My wallet says: Fear it!

  • lisa

    When Douglas Dev. moves, they MOVE. But when they don’t, they don’t (little letters).

  • stacksp

    Used to park in here before they started construction. Guess I will google to see what this is supposed to be.

    • anon

      Or you could just read the blog post and click the embedded link.

      • womp


      • Survivor77


  • NoMaGal

    I’m live in Flats 140 and can see the construction area from my apartment, and the construction has definitely picked up. I’m not sure they’ll make September, but I think it will be close given the pace of the work right now.

  • Lola

    I live in the area, they are working weekends. Not cheap–they must really want to hit the deadline.


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