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“Only in Columbia Heights”

by Prince Of Petworth February 12, 2016 at 2:15 pm 15 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

Went to the Columbia Heights CVS at 14th and Irving this morning to get passport photos taken, only to find out from the manager that someone broke in and stole their passport camera. No worries, FedEx Office a couple doors down does them, too.

But who steals a crappy CVS passport camera anyway? Only in Columbia Heights.”

  • wdc

    Please quit with the hyperbole. I’m dismissing your rant because of it. You know perfectly well that petty crime happens all over this city, and frankly all over the world. This doesn’t happen “only in Columbia Heights”.

    • AG

      The snark wasn’t because of general theft, it was because stealing a passport camera is so odd.

    • Jerry Grundle

      I dismiss your comment because anybody who lives here is aware that the most useless, odd things get stolen in this area with regularity. And this definitely doesn’t happen all over the world. But then again, maybe you know about some huge passport camera black market that the rest of us were unaware of.

  • titojackson

    CVS has been terrible at keeping stuff in stock, and their prices are ridiculous…

    Their food section always has items that are out of date on them. I once bought an emergency can of soup that expired a year ago, didn’t notice until I got home.

    I had to buy a late night pack of 9 volt batteries to prevent my smoke detector from chirping and it was 15$ for 2 batteries! At Home Depot I later saw a 10 pack for 15$… I avoid CVS as much as possible.

    I’d actually prefer a Walgreens, or even a WAWA in that space to be honest… CVS is an old school dinosaur pharmacy that is on the decline IMO…

    • Dan

      Right. I came here to say, “Avoid CVS at all costs.” But you said it much better.

      Anything they sell can be bought someplace less depressing.

      Fast food employees are 10x happier on the job than those at CVS. It rubs off on your customers.

  • Anon

    Not only at Columbia Heights, also at Walgreens in Chinatown. Part of city life, I guess

  • Caro

    I ran in to the same problem two days ago! Except CVS’s response on Wednesday was that the camera used for passport photos was broken. So, like you, I went to FedEx to get the photos taken. But when I got to the passport agency the photo from FedEx was rejected for being underexposed! I had to get photos retaken at a different location and wait in line at the passport agency again. Just a heads up for anyone getting photos taken at FedEx in Columbia Heights!

  • jcm

    I took my own passport photos and had them printed at CVS for about 25 cents. It’s easy to do, and you can keep re-taking if you aren’t happy wth the first ones.

    • Ms. D

      That is what I clicked to say. Find a white wall in a well-lit room and take a good selfie (remember not to smile and make sure there’s no glare in your glasses if you wear them…you should capture from about your collar bone up). I know this because I took my own visa picture for a recent application (online app, so I could just upload it). I was able to pull off an “acceptable” photo, even as a glasses-wearer, in one try!

  • Rich

    CVS is cheaper than Fedex. Both take really crappy pictures. I don’t think taking a camera–even a cheap one–is that weird and Columbia Heights merely exposed the privileged to the sad reality of the non-privileged which makes it easy to make fun of them (the privileged) and their warped view of reality.. Still, odd crime tends to happen around the first thaw, which I assume was around when this happened. It seems to happen everywhere–someone took my garden hose on the first warm day in February when I lived in Atlanta (ATL isn’t as warm they want you to think). I’m sure there were more valuable things on people’s porches or in their yards, and it was a crummy hose that I planned to replace–I was more annoyed that they took the rotor to which it was attached. Another year, a battered , but broekn-in pair of Birkies was taken on a similar day. Not fancy kicks but old and boring Birkies.

  • textdoc

    My recollection is that when I had passport photos taken at the Walgreen’s in Cleveland Park, they took them with an ordinary point-and-shoot digital camera, and then took out the memory card, adjusted the photo on a computer, and printed.

  • jeffb

    Using the internet your passport photos will cost less than one dollar. I just got my photos and paid only 29 cents. There are web sites with directions on how to take a photo and then you upload that picture to their site, which they convert into four 2″x2″ photos to be printed on 4″x6″ paper. The site I used did this for free, so the only money I paid was for Walgreens to print one 4×6 photo, which only cost me $0.29. (I uploaded the image over the internet and then picked it up at the store). I used http://www.idphoto4u.com and it worked perfectly. There are other web sites that do the same thing. But this is easy enough that you should pay only a couple dimes and avoid the ridiculous $14 charged by drug stores and photo shops.

  • DF

    I got my passport at the Post Office downtown (on Penn?). They do all the paperwork and picture taken there. Not sure why you’d need to get a picture elsewhere?

  • EDC

    First of all, get bent, WDC. You’re only mad bc you’re refusing to admit how badly Columbia Heights has gone downhill. I have lived here for years and seriously can’t believe how horrible this area has gotten over the last 2 years. Secondly, I also just tried to get passport photos (3 weeks ago) there and they told me their camera was “stuck on night time” LOL. I’m sorry- how does a camera get “stuck” on a setting ever??? This CVS is the most worthless POS and the employees can’t be bothered to do anything or help anyone. I wouldn’t trust a single one of them to take a decent passport photo, even if their camera was functioning and not “stuck on night time” or “stolen”. Go to Va or ask your agency/company if they can take your photos. Don’t count on anywhere in the city to get it right for less than $14… and especially no where in Columbia Heights.

  • Ananana

    Was told the same thing at the CVS at Navy Yard last year. CVS might need to nail those down.


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