Washington, DC

Georgetown-Rosslyn gondola rendering by the Georgetown BID

From the Georgetown BID:

“The Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID) and its partners issued the Request for Proposals (RFP) to commence a feasibility study for a Georgetown-Rosslyn Aerial Gondola Lift, linking the two communities and extending the Metro system with an new high-speed transit connection. The study is being conducted by a partnership that includes the District of Columbia, Arlington County, the Rosslyn BID, Georgetown University, Gould Property Company, JBG Companies, Inc., Penzance, and the Georgetown BID.

The feasibility study’s objective is to identify and lay out the demand, financial, regulatory, design and real estate considerations of an aerial gondola lift between the two commercial districts. The idea is part of the Georgetown BID’s Georgetown2028 15-Year Action Plan for the commercial district.

“Urban gondola systems have proven to be valuable transit connections in cities across the globe, and are often developed when waterways and slopes don’t allow for more familiar modes,” said Will Handsfield, the Georgetown BID’s Transportation Director. “For Georgetown and Rosslyn, we believe a gondola system might provide a great many benefits by reducing car travel, inexpensively extending a Metro station, and linking Georgetown and Rosslyn’s respective residential and commercial communities.”

The RFP seeks teams skilled in planning, transportation, and engineering, to evaluate potential demand, feasibility, and costs. Proposals are due March 18th, 2016. For more information and to view the RFP, please visit www.georgetownrosslyngondola.com.”


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