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Update: Claims of Assault on Marine in Glover Park Disputed.

Update: The gofundme language now says (original language below):

“After spending the evening with friends, Corporal Michael Schroeder, was found with wounds that are consistent with being attacked from behind and kicked. Cash was most likely taken, though his wallet and phone were untouched, but at this time it is unconfirmed. The details lead us to believe that he was knocked unconscious and dragged in between two parked cars and left to die in temperatures below freezing.”

A local Glover Park businessman passes a message on from the ANC rep for the area:

“Hello all,

When I saw this story posted on the Glover Park Listserve yesterday, I immediately checked with the Commander for MPD’s 2nd District because I too was surprised to have not heard about this assault. The answer I received from Commander Melvin Gresham is that the incident was being treated as an accident and not an assault. In other words, the police believe the marine fell and hit his head after a night out.

I am in no position to know whether the police are correct or if the marine’s family is correct in their belief that he was assaulted. But as people look at this story and draw their own conclusions and decide how to act, please know that there are apparently two sides to this story.


Brian Turmail
Commissioner, ANC 3B-05 and
Chairman, Citizens Advisory Council for MPD’s 2nd District”

“Dear PoPville,

This attack Friday the 12th in Glover Park [ed. note: the gofundme says Feb. 11th so maybe it was after midnight?] received, from what I can find, zero press coverage. I am a former classmate of this man’s brother, and was hoping you might post a link to the gofundme campaign to help mitigate some expenses.”

An OIF Marine (1 Tour) became the target of a senseless act of cruelty on February 11, 2016. After spending the evening with friends, Corporal Michael Schroeder, was viciously attacked from behind, kicked, and robbed. He was knocked unconscious and dragged in between two parked cars and left to die in temperatures below freezing. He laid there for approximately 3 hours before two good samaritans found him and called 911. Michael was taken to George Washington University Hospital where he was treated for a fractured skull and observed while the doctors waited to see if the bleeding in his brain would stop. On Saturday, February 13, 2016, Michael was released from the hospital with the diagnosis of a major concussion and fractured skull. After several days at home, Michael’s condition worsened, his speech and motor skills were regressed, and he was brought back to the hospital for another three days. He has returned home and most likely will require physical, occupational, and speech therapies in order to gain back what was taken from him in this brutal, cowardly, and despicable attack.

The ripple affect of this attack goes beyond the physical injuries that Michael will heal from. He is a son, a brother, an uncle, and a friend. He is loved and he did not deserve the brutality of this attack nor does he deserve the trauma that will continue after the visible injuries and bruises have healed. Michael is my older brother. He has been there for me and this country and now it is time for us to be there for him. Thank you for you time, your thoughts and prayers, and any donation you can make. Every cent over what is needed to pay the medical costs, will be donated to the Recon and Sniper Foundation (501 3C).

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