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  • Woodridge

    Very cool!!!

  • DCDuchess

    I like that poem, a lot. Good job Lucy!

  • jcm

    Those are cute as hell. I wish I could read the first one, but it’s too blurry for me.

  • Irving Streete

    “flabbergasted tail” :)

  • jumpingjack

    Love this! Is there a closer shot of the first poem? I can’t make it all out.

    • Erin Thesing

      You can see more at our class blog: http://storiesofschool.wordpress.com

      • jumpingjack

        Thanks, these are fantastic! Your students did a wonderful job and are great writers.

  • “your runty, stubby legs / and flabbergasted tail” — brilliant.

  • The first poem reads:

    by Promise

    My hair is sooo
    When my mom
    combs it
    it’s like she’s using
    a wooden stick
    to comb my hair
    and when it’s done
    it’s a


  • reality

    Love this! More please!

  • PoPOverWork

    Wow. Ms. Thesing is incredible. That blog makes me so happy. Thank you!

  • a_w

    Nice job Ms. Thesing

  • dancan

    These poems rock! Love both of them.

  • wdc

    Neighbors and social media users, get out there! The kids are counting on you taking a picture of their poems and tagging it #2APoets. Don’t disappoint them!

  • Anoone

    Great poem and beautiful poet.


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