Logan Circle: Look Out Please “I’m willing to pay anything to get her jewelry back – I’m heart broken, my friend is devastated.”

by Prince Of Petworth February 22, 2016 at 11:47 am 25 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I parked my car on 14th Street in front of the Whitman Walker Clinic (Between Riggs and R Street) yesterday. Between 1:50 and 2pm, while I was moving things from my car, two bags were taken out of my car – one bag was found with most of the belongings strewn about an alley a half block away, obviously all valuables taken, and the other was missing entirely. In that bag was my best friend’s jewelry, mostly of no value other than sentiment. It’s turquoise jewelry that her grandfather made for her mom and grandmother that was passed down to her.

I am certain I locked the car, but there is no sign of forced entry. So maybe I didn’t – and that’s my fault. I’m not sure.

I’m asking for anyone who has any information to please contact me ([email protected]) or if anyone sees unique native american jewelry show up at consignment or pawn shops to please let me know.

If anyone finds a black duffle bag with clothes somewhere in the vicinity of where my car was, that would still be of some consolation to my friend to have those back.

I’m willing to pay anything to get her jewelry back – I’m heart broken, my friend is devastated. It’s not worth much, but the value of sentiment is priceless.”

  • JohnH

    No sign of forced entry doesn’t mean anything. There’s some gadget (I don’t know the technical term) that has been floating around DC that can unlock remote entries to cars.
    I had this happen to me in January in Logan. No sign of forced entry, but they went through the glove box, an (empty) bag in the back, sunglass holder, etc. Thankfully they didn’t take anything or damage anything (and I had nothing really valuable anyways). There’s been numerous reports in the area of this occurring.

  • petworther

    Obviously not a lot of help, but hopefully helpful to others and a consolation that you may have locked the door: Apparently it’s relatively easy to get devices that clone keyless entry remotes these days. If somebody was standing nearby with one they could have simply unlocked the doors with their remote and grabbed your stuff in seconds.
    Unfortunately there’s not much you can do about that other than never leave anything in the car, and lobby car manufacturers to improve security.

  • 16thSter

    Please have your friend look at craigslist, offerup, ebay, etc in case the jewelry is sold there.

    • DupontDC

      Also check a lot of the Craigslist-type adds becoming more popular these days. I used them a few months ago when moving and there are a LOT of locals using them. (e.g., OfferUp, Close5, etc.)

      • DupontDC

        Apps* – not adds

  • textdoc

    If you haven’t already reported the theft to the police, please do so — it’s possible someone might have found the stuff and turned it into them.
    Fingers crossed for getting the stuff back.

    • OP

      Thank you – we did that first thing. Police wrote down everything.

  • Tract44

    I’ll keep an eye out for the bag since I walk by that area every day.
    I would check the parklets/benches along New Hampshire Ave between Dupont and U Street, as well as Meridian Hill, since I’ve seen abandoned (presumably stolen) bags there before.

    • OP

      This is a great call – thank you so much. I will head over there as soon as I can.

  • anon

    So sorry to hear it, hope you get it back. Another reason I never leave anything viewable in the car.

  • DC anon

    Check the alleyways around there if you haven’t already. They might have looked through the bag and found nothing really worth value and ditched it.

  • Perhaps one of the business establishments or Whitman Walker Clinic has video of the surrounding area/sidewalks and could offer a lead??

    • OP

      We chatted with the very kind people at Whitman Walker today – I responded to a comment below. The video quality is quite poor, but I have a general description. At this point, I don’t know what else to do. But good insight! Thank you for the suggestion :)

  • reality

    Sorry this happened to you. Don’t blame yourself! Someone else did this to you and your friend, you did not do it in purpose.

    • OP

      thank you :)

  • Nick

    Which alley was the first bag found in and about what time? I live on the other side of 14th St and have cameras we could check.

    • OP

      It was in the ally right behind Whitman Walker, so on the east side of 14th street between Riggs and R street. I actually walked through the alley again this afternoon and found the box one piece of jewelry was in. I noticed quite a few security cameras and knocked on doors but no one was home. I had intended to return tomorrow since I work late tonight.

      Whitman Walker did have a video of the person, though low quality. You can see a man, black, 6′-6’2″, about 200-240 pounds, somewhere between 35-45, wearing a ball cap, dark jeans, boots, a red shirt and dark jacket approach my car about 4 minutes after I walk away. In the video you can see me turn and click my remote to lock the car.

      If you do have video of anyone walking through that alley, it would be 2/21/16, anywhere between 1:55pm and 2:05. My bag was found right behind Whitman Walker at the beginning of that alley (closest to 14th), the box was found in a blue recycle bin down the alley, across from what I think was 1317 R Street. any help you have would be greatly appreciated!

      • Nick

        I’m on the west side of 14th St, so I’m afraid we wouldn’t have any footage of it, very sorry!

        • OP

          No worries, thanks for the offer regardless!

  • MargaretR

    Ugh, I feel your pain. I park at 14 and R all the time and my window was smashed out a few weeks ago. Nothing taken (nothing to take) but the car was ransacked – tampons scattered everywhere (surprise, j-holes!) and boxes in the trunk ripped to shreds. I’ve had my car broken into several times but this felt like a real violation.

    • OP

      Unreal. I live in Dupont and a few years ago, had my window smashed in, nothing there to take, so in what I assume was a fit of rage, a cup of cold coffee that had been in my console was dumped all over my driver’s seat. Sorry about your car :(

  • kpindc

    I live in that immediate area–I’ll keep an eye out in the alley. I have found wallets, gym bags, clothes, computer bags etc in my alley. I always call the police unless it’s discarded clothes, like used underwear or pants (frequently left in the alley). Keep it classy, Logan Circle.

  • Jakendc

    you might want to check the pawn shop almost directly across the street.

    fencing is fast and profitable..

    • OP

      I went over there first thing yesterday (along with all three consignment shops on 14th) and left detailed lists of everything stolen with my info. The lady at the pawn shop was adamant that they “never” receive stolen goods because they ask for two forms of ID. Even so – I’m check all of the places on a near daily basis.


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