From the Forum – “Threatening a woman then to ‘smoke my ass'”

by Prince Of Petworth February 1, 2016 at 2:00 pm 24 Comments

11th and lamont
11th and Lamont St, NW

“Threatening a woman then to ‘smoke my ass'”

“Last night (Thursday) as I awaited the bus ~9:50PM at 11th and Lamont I noticed a commotion down the block – two young men were verbally and physically harassing a woman with her dog outside of the dog park by yelling and throwing things across the street at her. A gentleman came to her aid and yelled at them to leave and I heard her get on the phone with 911. As this was happening a cop car came by, so I flagged it down and pointed to the situation down the street and said “Hey that woman is calling 911 and needs help”.

After acknowledging this the cop car then inexplicably keeps driving in the other direction. This is when one of the young men turns his attention to me (the other has left) and approaches me yelling “hey snitch, hey white bitch” and then “I have a gun and I am going to smoke your ass, snitch” at which point, luckily, the cop car from before has reappeared going the other way and is now behind me in the intersection. The cop jumps out and chases this guy saying “oh you have a gun?” but he makes it over a snow bank, taunts the cop and runs off. The car leaves but the guy circled back and is a block away approaching me yelling curses and taunts, prompting me to run down the street where, thankfully, the bus is showing up.

This was a busy time on a busy bar street, and I feel let down that only me and another gentleman tried to help this woman, and that people just stood and smoked cigarettes outside of the bars across the street indifferent to the situation folding out in front of them. I was also confused by the police response of driving away for a few minutes and discouraged by the weak attempt to apprehend the individual, although on the bus I did notice more cops were arriving so unsure how this played out. ”

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  • KP

    Human behavior astounds me

    • kittycatbob

      It’s beast behavior, not human behavior. These kids aren’t human and don’t deserve to be treated as such.

      • textdoc

        Houseintherear said it well in a post from January 12:
        “Calling people of color ‘animals’ was pretty much the norm during times of slavery. Sorry, but it’s just not ok. Spend the 2 secs to think of a word more specific and less horrible, like: criminals, perps, robbers, etc.”

        • MR


        • blindbible

          The OP nor did anyone else comment on the person’s ethnicity and I do not see where anyone called him an animal.

          • CapHillNative

            What is a beast to you? Is it ever human? No.

            Also we know the perps were of color (I’m a black person and can tell you this).

            Additionally, you can focus on nitpicking over words or you could listen to the message. It is very racist and offensive to refer to black people as non-human… black CHILDREN no less. By declaring them non-human it is easier to kill them and/or treat them unjustly. We all live in a country where we have a justice system and are innocent until proven guilty. We also have juvenile laws because ALL children lack good decision making skills based on scientific evidence of brains that aren’t fully formed. EVEN BLACK YOUTH. Even if they LOOK or ACT like adults in your opinion.

            Let’s please just agree not to refer to human beings, no matter how vile their actions as anything other than human, POC have been called non-human for long enough. Is that too much to ask? No matter the reason?

          • kittycatbob

            I was the one who called them beasts and I stand by it. I would call them animals but I think animals don’t behave so poorly. I didn’t call them a beast because of their race. That didn’t come up at all in my post.

            I’m done with being politically correct. If you want to coddle them and treat them with kid gloves, go right ahead. But I will continue to call them what they are. Beasts.

  • Eric

    So tired of people doing nothing while their fellow citizens are harassed and even assaulted. This kind of thing will continue as long as people refuse to stand up for each other.

  • Anonymous

    That’s awful, but good on you for stepping up. If you want to, you can push for MPD to process that as a (felony?) threat. If they know who the person is, or you can later identify him, then MPD can take action against him. I don’t think there’s a problem with filing a report now.

    It’s not acceptable to threaten to hurt or kill someone, and it’s pretty clear that’s what was said.

  • textdoc

    “This was a busy time on a busy bar street, and I feel let down that only me and another gentleman tried to help this woman, and that people just stood and smoked cigarettes outside of the bars across the street indifferent to the situation folding out in front of them.” OP, are you sure the bar patrons were “indifferent”? Is it possible that they didn’t see/hear what was going on?

    • textdoc
    • jdre

      Is it also possible they, too, called the police? It would be the easiest, safest action to take, rather than something more direct or visible – introducing a risk of getting one’s ass smoked.

      • textdoc

        That too.

    • Anon16

      It is certainly possible some people were oblivious what was going on, particularly those inside the bar (room 11). But given the loud nature of the harassment, the woman’s yells, and the one other bystander that noticed her crossed the street from half a block away to come to her and fend off the stuff they were throwing I doubt it (I had headphones in and noticed). It is certainly possible some of them called the police, a welcome action. I can not for sure state whether they were emotionally indifferent, but in terms of actions. Even if they didnt want to get directly involved I wouldve appreciated someone coming up inbetween the cop scaring him off and him circling back to check if I was okay at least… (All in all I wouldve done the same thing at the end of the day and helped this woman even knowing how it would end – and I would like to thank whoever was the young man who came directly to this woman’s aid as well)

      I couldnt see the young man’s compatriots as well as they were down the block and abandoned him once he started going for me but he looked to be about 17-22, 5′ 8”, short dreads, black, he was wearing many layers of jackets so couldnt give a good weight approx. Obviously that could fit a fair amount of people…

  • EcceNerdo

    Do you have a description of either of the men? I live nearby and have been taking particular note of the shadier looking guys hanging around just in case I end up in a similar situation and need to give a description to the cops.

  • Thatguy

    Sorry that happened to you and THANK YOU for stepping up. I can go on and on about situations I’ve personally experienced, saw with my own eyes, or heard from family or friends concerning the lack of humanity when another human is in need of some obvious assistance.

    Imagine the suffering, helpless feeling that young man felt at NoMa on the metro when he was on the train with 30+ other people on the same train watch as he’s robbed, beaten, and then stabbed to death as he begs for someone to help him, and no one does.

    This city REALLY fucking sucks sometimes……

    • tom

      I agree to not start yelling or at least call the cops and take picture is insane. But, human nature is toward self preservation. I don’t think you can blame people for not jumping right into the middle of a chaotic and dangerous situation. You are liable to get hurt or unintentionally escalate the situation.

  • tonyr

    “cop car then inexplicably keeps driving in the other direction … at which point, luckily, the cop car from before has reappeared going the other way” Maybe he was turning around?

  • Eric

    Also, don’t automatically assume that the police driving away was indifference. I onetime flagged down a patrol car to tell them about a fight that was going on in an alley. They drove off in the other direction, which initially confused me, but then I saw him hit the light and siren while going in the other end of the alley after circling the block.

    • a

      I have witnessed too much police apathy to not automatically assume it was indifference.

  • Anonymous

    This is all too common in Columbia Heighte, but has been going on so long that I fear residents, MPD and even our Councilmember (Brianne Nadeau) just accept it as the cost of living in the city. It’s my experience that it’s gotten worse in the past two years though.

  • V

    That is TERRIFYING. I’m so sorry this happened. We have to look out for one another.

  • Avenging Angel

    You’re right kittycatbob, these are sub-humans. And they keep getting away with this crap. It will never change unless they are dealt with harshly.

  • ECfromDC

    Wow what d-bags.


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