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  • anon

    does anyone know an opening date for either? As someone who is an avid studio go-er, who works a block from city center, I cannot wait!

    • womp

      ditto! CC is walkable for me….especially for Flywheel!

      • bll

        I’m really looking forward to this as well! I like corepower, but it’s difficult for me to get from navy yard to Georgetown in the winter, since I’d often run/walk a portion of the commute.

    • I’ve heard rumors of an April opening for Flywheel, but considering that’s less than 2 months away, that seems unlikely.

    • SpinSpinSpin

      From what I was told, they were hoping to open beginning of March, then it became middle of March. I would assume it’ll end up being April when they open.

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    Cycling is great exercise but how many fitness boutiques can DC possibly support? We have to be approaching the limits.


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