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“Unhinged plant assault on 17th St Monday night”

by Prince Of Petworth February 3, 2016 at 1:05 pm 17 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

Our cams caught this gentleman taking out some aggression on our planters about 2:30 this morning… [Tuesday] apparently he left a trail of destruction along his path nearby.

Videos are in Dropbox here and here — anyone else see this, know this guy or experience his anti-vegetation wrath? Pure speculation but people who support Donald Trump had a bad night.

The aftermath:


The guy did some damage and I’d like to see if we can figure out who he is, especially if it’s true that he did this up and down the block.”

  • spookiness

    Nice plants and new trees are symbols of gentrification that must be quashed. Keep DC slummy!

    • Anon

      …. hi dad? I beg you, please take your medication twice a day! No cheating!

  • stacksp

    This is weird

  • Anon

    I witnessed a guy doing this a couple months ago on 20th street in DuPont circle. Started tearing down the small trees and smashing things. Was going to call the cops but then he finally went away.

  • anon

    Wow, I would not go up to a man holding a large, possibly concrete planter like that woman did. At least he didn’t throw it at a person or the window?

    • Plant Avenger

      Yeah two of those planters were concrete… crazy.

  • SilverSpringGal

    He looks drunk and the woman he’s with is clearly trying to drag him away. Ask her.

  • RB

    I live at 17/R and this is super frustrating. Didn’t see or hear anything last night but I will never understand @$$holes who are destructive just because they can be.

    Please don’t insert the “some men just want to watch the world burn” Batman meme.

    • annonny

      People do some weird ass shit when they’re intoxicated…

  • Eric


  • jdre

    Someone did similar to plants near 22nd and P not long ago, too.

  • annonny

    While this is interesting viewing, can you please file a report with the cops, follow up with the district Commander, and if that doesn’t get an investigation going contact your Councilmember? This seems like pretty serious destruction of property and the police should be taking this kind of thing seriously.

    • Plant Avenger

      MPD got the video and the timeframe, but that was a good idea to let the ANC rep know.

      • annonny

        That’s good. Please follow up with the District Commander (it’s a new one in District 3, but Jacob Kirschter used to be great) if you don’t hear anything a few days…sometimes MPD needs a little public prodding.

  • madmonk28

    Has anyone thought of paying him not to smash other people’s property?

    • HaileUnlikely

      I don’t think that’s how it works. I think it’s the plant and their families that get paid to not retaliate.

  • Alex

    I think he took out a couple of planters around the corner on Corcoran between 16th & 17th too. I saw a couple of casualties up there too.


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