Chinatown-Gallery Place 8:30am – Not Good

by Prince Of Petworth February 2, 2016 at 8:56 am 27 Comments


A reader reports to the PoPville Facebook page:

“This is the Chinatown metro at 830 today.

Complete cluster

Lots of time listed between trains, but those trains never came and the platform just got more and more crowded”

Metro reported:

“Red Line: Expect residual delays in both directions due to an earlier train malfunction at Judiciary Square.”

Update – Angela Miller sends us the scene at Union Station at 8:50am:


  • I was there soon after. It had cleared out a bit but the ride was very slow coming from upper NW. Lots of holding at stations.

  • JohnH

    While not on the subject of train delays, there has been a lot of talk about crime on the Metro lately. While I think the youth problem is something that is related to being given free access, I also see a lot of people say the crime is a DC problem. Just as an FYI, headlines in NYC…
    “Police say a man was slashed in the face in the sixth such attack in the New York subway and on streets this year. The 27-year-old victim was assaulted Sunday morning in a Harlem station.”
    The “Guardian Angels” are going back on the NYC Subway.
    I wish Metro would advertise their texting to transit police more – they should have it visible through the cars/stations. We’ve heard anecdotal evidence of them being very responsive to this and would maybe get transit police more visible. Not to mention it’s a lot easier to text on the Metro than to place a phone call.

    • anon

      Agreed re the metro texting – I only learned about it after the attacks last week. Only problem is cell service on red line has been noticeably diminished since then. It’s a complete black zone from union station to dupont for me at least.

      • womp

        Has anyone else noted the recent lack of cell reception at Mount Vernon Square / Convention Center?
        I get on the Yellow line here every weekday (and have the last 7 months), and have always had strong cell phone service…..until last week. Beginning last Wednesday, I have had ZERO service in the station, which strikes me as very odd. FWIW, I have AT&T.

        • JohnH

          I noticed a lack of reception on Saturday at Chinatown while waiting for a train (AT&T). Not sure what’s going on.

        • elizml

          Good to know it’s not just me. Since Metro reopened after the storm I haven’t had service at all at Gallery Place. I think it’s an AT&T issue because my Verizon work phone still has service (though it’s also much diminished).

        • stacksp

          Only Verizon works over over there for some reason.

    • I Dont Get It

      Could someone post that number again? I didn’t put it in my phone last week.

      • Honey Badger

        I put it in my phone from the post last week as 696-873. Google confirms that this is the correct number.

  • Llama

    I was one of those poor souls. After waiting on that platform for 20 minutes after transferring, I got fed up and walked from there to Farragut West. Same story, different day at that stop. Probably the most poorly planned layout for any metro station (arguably).

  • albany

    Rode my bike today, couldn’t be happier. F@#! WMATA sideways with a spoon.

    • I Dont Get It

      I was thinking of a spork.

  • Craig

    This is why they need to enact:

    1. Zero fare for passengers who leave the same station they entered.

    2. Signage that says: your delay is X minutes. You may be able to get to any station closer than Y by walking. (Of course they’d have to have that up permanently for Gallery Place to Metro Center, but whatever.)

    • JohnH

      I mean, if you commute daily (which is a majority of these people), you should know about your 2nd suggestion. Quite honestly, most people are just lazy. Look how many people stand on the escalators. And yes, it’s ok if you have a reason that you stand before you jump on me…

      • ClePark
        • enjoymoreradio

          Standing increases capacity because people are unwilling to walk. There’s nothing about standing that makes the escalator hold more people. It’s just that people infrequently choose to walk, leading to unused space between walkers. It also doesn’t address that fact that some commuters need to progress quickly in (or, more frequently, out) of the station than others. There will always be a need for a fast-lane for the commuter rushing to make his bus transfer. Maybe you could instill a stand-only culture at ultradeep stations, e.g. Glenmont, where the length of escalators makes walking less attractive, but if you’re a non-disabled, unburdened commuter of average age and fitness, and you choose not to walk on the Gallery Place escalators, I have a difficult time understanding why.

    • sproc

      #1 seems to be under serious consideration. It just needs to have a reasonable time limit (maybe 10-20 min) to discourage loitering by those who are not in the station to actually ride a train.

    • JoDa

      While we’re adding signs, can we put a bunch at Metro Center that say “ATTENTION CAPS FANS: If you exit at 11th & G, the Verizon Center is only 4 blocks!”
      They make the usual crush nearly unbearable.

      • Anon


        They’re even worse than just normal people because most of them don’t know how to take the metro and they start having a panic attack that they’re not going to be able to get off the train like, 3 stops out from Gallery place and force their way towards a door. Zero chill.

  • Planner

    Must have been bad transit karma around town this morning. I had a heck of a time getting a bus that wasn’t jammed packed, too full to board.

  • facts

    Every time I see one of these pictures I think how dangerous it is that a disturbance in the crowd could cause people to get pushed onto the tracks. Do they ever cut off more passengers coming down onto the platform to avert this risk?

    • dat

      I think the exact same thing and wonder about the same question.

  • stacksp

    This is why I drive and avoid metro at all cost

    • LukeWalker

      I live in the city, thank god, and can walk home. It’s a long hike, but I’ve decided it’s worth it to not have to deal with the poor service and crime. Plus, I get in some cardio instead of stress!

  • ECfromDC

    I missed that by about 90mins yesterday :). I rarely get to my connecting train at Gallery Place past 7/7:15am.

  • RCH

    I was there about 8:20 and it was the worst I’ve ever seen. I got off the train that was heading toward Shady Grove. I was on the second car from the exit and two more trains unloaded before I got to the opening causing more of a crush. What I worry about is someone falling and getting trampled.

  • RCH

    Actually I just saw this post was from yesterday. I was talking about this morning.


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