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  • K

    Anyone know when the Whole Foods in Pentagon City (on S. Eads) is opening? Looks like it’s coming along.

    • tom

      Not sure, but it has got to be getting close though.

      To many in DC, Pentagon City might as well be Manassas. Funny to think, when I moved here in the early-2000s, it was normal to drive out to Arlington for groceries. DC has come a long way in relatively short time.

      • DCDuchess

        Pentagon City is great – so many things close to each other: Nordstrom, Macy’s, Costco, Harris Teeter & Target down the road. I don’t get when people say they never go to VA, “its too far”. I work across from FBI on Penn Ave and at lunchtime, I can get to Pentagon City in 10 minutes, I have timed it.

        • Crystal City Lady

          Ha, you’re the first person I’ve ever heard describe Pentagon City as great. That mall is a nightmare and the rest is just blandly depressing.

          • divebar311

            Pentagon City is a quick drive from DC and right off the Yellow and Blue lines. How is that too far?

            All malls are nightmares, hence the boom in online shopping and the so-called ‘death of shopping malls’.

            When was the last time you were at Pentagon City Mall? The owner is re-vamping the facade and making some pretty significant upgrades to the interior. The new elevators look great!

      • Crystal City Lady

        I would never make a special trip out there from DC, but I work in Crystal City so the Pentagon City Whole Foods is practically on the way home.

      • s arl

        Still a lot of DC tags at Pentagon City Mall and Potomac Yard shopping center.

        • Dude

          I used to work at the Navy Yard, and my coworkers would always go out to Potomac Yard or Crystal City for lunch. A lot of people still have this mindset that you only go to the city to work, nothing else.

  • SilverSpringGal

    Wow, didn’t know there were so many in-development. There’s the one in Shaw as well.

    • And H Street. They’re all racing each other.

  • anon

    Is it just me or is navy yard starting to look a modern version of those soviet apartment developments.

  • jd

    Wow, how big is Park Chelsea? In this photo the building looks huge.

    • ***

      and ugly!

  • HC

    Wasn’t Park Chelsea supposed to open in “late 2014”? What the heck is going on over there? Given WC Smith’s History on that corner, I wouldn’t expect a Whole Foods opening until at least 2018.


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