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Cava Grill coming to “Shaw’s hip epicenter at The Shay” this Fall

by Prince Of Petworth — February 12, 2016 at 10:35 am 35 Comments

the shay
8th and Florida Ave, NW

From a press release:

“The latest restaurant group to join Washington, DC’s thriving Shaw neighborhood, Cava Grill is thrilled to announce a fall 2016 opening in Shaw’s hip epicenter at The Shay building. The 2,500 square foot space will place focus on the local community with art and lifestyle events hosted throughout the year. Cava Grill’s Shaw location will make 20 locations by fall, with eight coming this year including Silver Spring, Dupont Circle, four Northern Virginia locations and a second location in Los Angeles, CA.

Cava Grill’s new Shaw location will feature the restaurant’s signature health-conscious fast-casual Mediterranean fare and afresh look, with an expanded open-kitchen layout; local beer and wine on tap; new menu items including seasonal vegetables roasted in Cava’s new stone-fired ovens, and rotating seasonal soups, juices, and teas made in-house daily; deeper relationships with local partners like Whisked!, Gordy’s Pickle Jar, and RunningByrd Tea; and additional community initiatives representative of Cava’s commitment to innovation, evolution, and attentiveness within fast-casual dining.”

  • domrep

    Silver Spring location is opening next week, their food is delicious, about time they’re making moves into the city.

    • John

      Cava has locations in Columbia Heights, Chinatown, Tenleytown, and Barracks Row.

      • anon

        thank you for adding this. i’ve been a Cava DC regular for a few years now.

      • domrep

        The Barracks Row one is a Cava Mezze IIRC. But yes, they’ve got 3 other locations. My point is they should probably add a couple more, preferably in Navy Yard or SW Waterfront.

  • textdoc

    Glad that Cava Grill is coming, but the Shay is not the “epicenter” of Shaw. And it most certainly isn’t the center of Shaw — it’s on the northern edge.

    • mcd


      • Jason

        The Residences at the Lofts at #SoDoSoPa

      • textdoc

        Say no to NoSha! And no mo’ “AdMo,” either!

        • mcd

          I heard ColHi the other day at a party…wtf?

          • INDC

            I hate this douchy namemashing nomenclature. Are our tongues that lazy?

    • Anon

      Actually, it sort of is, at least in terms of how many [younger, whiter] people think. Brixton and Nellie’s bookend that part of Shaw.

  • tom

    More or less happy to see this coming. But, this seems to go against the anti-Galley Place feel the building has had up until now.

    • Mike M.

      Eh, at least Cava is a local chain. And it’s freaking delicious. As someone who works in Shaw, it’s nice to see another lunch option. There aren’t really very many places to get lunch in the ~$10 range right now.

  • rob

    High end luxury is the new hip

  • alison

    THIS IS GREAT NEWS!! It’s about time Shaw got some fast-casual spots to grab a quick (delicious) bite. Find to hard that these days in a neighborhood where most of what you see are trendy new expensive restaurants. SWEETGREEN, where you at?

    • k

      14th and W

      • anon

        uh, that’s not Shaw.

        • rob

          dawg, it’s a 10 min walk max.

          • anonymous

            8 city blocks in 10 minutes max? You must be a fast walker… Also, it would depend in where you are in Shaw. If you are at 7th and P, that is a solid 20+ minute walk each way, which is pretty far for a lunch.

          • Anon

            I won’t have enough calories to make that walk after eating my salad.

          • Kevin

            Where did you get 7th & P, anonymous? The Shay is at 9th & Florida.

            According to Google Maps it is exactly at 10 minute walk from the Shay to where Sweetgreen is on W Street. https://goo.gl/maps/PRo3t5Jwxr22

          • anon

            Kevin – he/she probably got it from the comment: “about time Shaw” i.e., sure, it might be 10 minutes from THE SHAY, but not SHAW.

          • houseintherear

            This is silly. It would be nice to have a Sweetgreen in Shaw because those of us who live in neighboring neighborhoods to Shaw would like to walk there. It is a 20-25 minute walk for me to get to Sweetgreen in Logan. I’d love to have one closer. See how that works?

  • That One Guy

    Always confuse Cava Grill and Cava Mezze.

    • AnonV2

      They’re the same company, right?

    • anonymous

      Same company. Mezze is sitdown restaurant, grille is fast food/takeout.

    • dh


  • Shawnnnnnn

    First it was “U Street” and then “North Shaw” and now somehow the epicenter of Shaw? Yeah, no.

    • Anon

      “U street” is further west, up until you get to 14th – at least that’s how I’ve heard others casually mention where they’re going/meeting

  • Nathan

    Great to see this. The Shay tweeted this a week or two ago, then deleted the tweet. I assumed they just jumped the gun but was also a little worried it wasn’t happening.

  • Anon.

    Calling the Shay hip is laughable. Calling the Shay luxurious is fraud. Nothing is luxurious in there. Most bedrooms lack windows, kitchens and ‘living areas’ are glass-walled for the world to see, and units were built with quantity over quality type in mind. It is genuinely disheartening to see people fall for the developers’ wet dream that is the Shay and co. Isn’t it rather sad to call a block of newbuilds a ‘hip epicenter’? All it houses are a bunch of businesses targeted to a moneyed clientele. But great for Cava!

    • Anon

      Oh come on, luxury means spending a whole lot more than necessary.

      • AmyM

        BUT BUT BUT is there a curved shower rod in the bathroom???!!?!!11!1!!eleven11!!1! /screech/

    • Rich

      For some reason, there’s a real concentration of ugly and/or dysfunctionally designed buildings right around there.

  • LedroitTigah

    Ok, good for Cava – but when are Aesop and Le Labo opening? Its taking forever, and I want access to my sweet smelling, overpriced soaps and fragances!!!


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