Anyone ever clone a Key fob in DC?

by Prince Of Petworth February 12, 2016 at 3:50 pm 85 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user brunofish

“Dear PoPville,

My apartment complex is staunchly refusing to provide me with an extra key fob, for any price. They gave me a spare key to my door however, so this policy is a bit confusing (I can’t get to my door without being able to get into the building, duh). According to my management company, were I locked out and there no security person present, which is every night after 8pm, I would have to call an emergency management number to get in the building for a fee of $40. So that means I’m standing alone, at night, in who knows what weather hoping the maintenance guy answers and comes to get me. Ridiculous.

After a great deal of frustrating back and forth, I’ve decided my only real solution is to clone my key fob. I’ve seen mail-away services that do this, but since I only have one fob I can’t afford to send it out to be cloned. Does anyone know of a reliable fob cloner in the DC metro area I could use to solve this problem??”


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