Anyone Else Having Trouble with their DC Tax forms?

by Prince Of Petworth February 25, 2016 at 2:25 pm 11 Comments

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“Dear PoPville,

I am just curious if anyone else if having issues with the DC fillable forms this year? I keep getting rejected for illogical reasons – most frustratingly is the rejection reason:

If FormD40, Line 17, ‘Exemptions’ is more than 1, Line 1 checkbox ‘Married filing jointly’ or ‘Registered domestic partner filing jointly’ or ‘Married filing separately on the same return’ or ‘Registered domestic partner filing separately on the same return’ or ‘Qualifying widow(er) with dependent child’ (element ‘DCFilingStatusType’ 2, 5, 7, 8 or 9), or if you or your spouse/registered domestic partner are over age 65 or blind, then Sch S, Calculation G must be completed and a Sch S attached

. . . yet I am “Married Filling Jointly” and only claiming 2 exemptions (one for self, and one for my spouse).

I can’t be the only MFJ filer in DC having this problem!
(and for what it’s worth, I work in the tax policy field and am 100% confident in my ability to compete the D-40).

Calling the DC OTR has proven less than helpful.”

Comments (11)

  1. I’ve been getting that exact same error when using the dc fillable forms option for trying to file. I haven’t been able to try to debug it further/call anybody to try to figure out the issue, mostly cause I got the error and said “Oh well fuck this mess” and have put off handling it.

    But, hey, solidarity I guess.

  2. I filled out my forms by hand. The formfill was becoming too time consuming. I’m assuming that whomever oversaw the contract with Intuit either wasn’t a DC resident or was on the take.

  3. I had so much trouble last year that I just forked over the money to file it online with H&R block (got the software off Amazon and it was only $20 extra to file the state). I had both refunds in under 2 weeks.

  4. Just a heads up nearly every joint return will better off (or at least no different) filing separately on the same retro instead of jointly.

    As for this error I believe you need to filed Scdhedule S and you have to manually add it.

  5. Was about to mention this. For many working couples it makes a fairly big difference in DC tax liability. You can save a lot of money by filing separately on the same form.

  6. Yeah, Turbo Tax always tells us to file that way and it really pays off.

  7. I have also had a rejection on my H&R Block filed DC return. I filed Married Filing Separately. I can’t see exactly why I was rejected but I had to print and mail my forms in. I haven’t heard anything in the three weeks it’s been since the forms were delivered.

  8. I’ve been having similar issues trying to submit my DC business tax forms via the online portal. Very frustrating. I reached out for assistance, but no luck. Might have to do it the old fashioned way or pay.

  9. I ran into random error messages for the past couple years as well. After some time trying to troubleshoot, I decided that I didn’t have the time or energy to fight with it anymore, so I just printed out the fillable forms and mailed in a hard copy. I don’t remember it really taking that much extra time to receive my refund.

  10. Not quite the same, but I was using H&R download version and when I got to filling out my DC form, the software told me that they didn’t support partial year resident filings. I hoped it was bs and it was, but after I mailed my forms in, I asked H&R on Twitter about it and they said “oh no, we don’t support that”. So they refunded me the $37 I paid for DC. I guess, win?

  11. The free forms application they were using a few years ago was simple and worked great. The new one is terrible. I gave up and drove my polluting, environmentally unfriendly car to the local H&R Block office. Got both my refunds weeks ago.


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