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“Anybody in Petworth switch to RCN last summer, with the promise of a $150 Visa gift card, and never received it?”

by Prince Of Petworth February 16, 2016 at 2:00 pm 11 Comments

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“Dear PoPville,

Anybody in Petworth switch to RCN last summer, with the promise of a $150 Visa gift card, and never received it? I have had all kinds of issues with them, and just wondering if anybody had the same experience”

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  • Aglets

    I switched to RCN a number of years ago (like 2007) and at first they were terrible but I would say since 2009/10 they’ve been awesome. I’m super happy with their service

  • AG

    I had a similar experience with Comcast. Promised a visa card, never got it, turns out I needed to log onto some random website by a certain date to redeem it, and of course by the time and was like, wtf?! it was past the deadline.

  • Formerly ParkViewRes

    We got a $400 gift card when we signed up with Verizon FIOS. It took a long time to get it though…I want to say like 4 months.

  • petworther

    I trust a cable company’s promise to give me 150$ in the future just slightly less than I trust a crackhead’s promise to do the same.

  • Nathan

    I wish I could get RCN in Bloomingdale. Had them a long time ago and was always happy with their service. Their prices for internet only are significantly below what I’ve been able to get out of Comcast, even with negotiating.

  • Anon

    Can’t comment on the gift card issue but RCN cable internet has been perfect for us. We got RCN internet at our house when we moved to Petworth in April 2015 and we have had 100% up-time since the moment they activated our service.

  • also anon

    Like others I can’t comment on the gift card issue but we’ve had RCN for the past year and they’ve raised the price by about $7-10 a month twice since we signed up. Pretty annoying but the service is great so I’ll just whine about it and probably not switch.

    • Dognonymous

      I noticed this as well, but it’s not the TV/internet fees that have gone up. It’s the carriage fees and taxes that have spiked. I’m not sure if Comcast/Verizon are charging the same fees as well.

  • Amber

    I switched to RCN a while ago. My internet is kinda spotty at times (I have to reset the modem every couple of days, and usually in the middle of a webinar from work), but the customer service is 1000 x better than Comcast, so I don’t care. (Last week I called to make a payment by phone and eventually I was connected to an agent and said “I angrily yelled at the voice recognition robot and she canceled my transaction and hung up on me. I would like to make a payment and I know you’re a person and I promise not to yell.” The agent was so amused that she waived fees for me.)

    I got nothing on gift cards.

    • textdoc

      I was having lots of problems with having to reset my modem (not with RCN, but with Verizon DSL), and replacing the modem (with a freebie I found on Freecycle — yay!) seems to have solved the problem. I’d recommend giving it a try.

  • Jessica

    I would call RCN and ask about it. If (likely when) you struggle to get an answer from the general customer service rep, I would complain first to executive customer service (google any company name and executive customer service and you can usually find a contact). If that still fails to work, complain to the BBB. I had an issue with Comcast that I finally complained to the BBB about, and I instantly had a top notch customer service rep calling me to address my problem.


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