• Wandy Rittman

    What are the odds that this place lasts longer than the Hanoi House that proceeded it?

    • Geez!

      About 100%. It’s already an established concept that’s had success in other places. Plus the food is really good. …..Hopefully people will give it a shot instead of sitting behind their laptops complaining…..

  • samanda_bynes

    5 bucks for natty boh? f*cking gentrifiers!

    • Leeran

      Came to say this. Amazing.

      • timmyp2353

        Yeah no thanks.

        • U neighbor

          Maybe the $5 boh is there to make you splurge and spend the extra dollar or two on the craft beers (which are more reasonably valued).
          Isn’t there a term for that in economics/psychology?

          • FridayGirl

            anchoring? i think?

        • Geez!

          Oh no! My cheap beer is not cheap enough. If you don’t like something on a menu or the pricing or it, just order something else. It’s a really easy concept.

    • nothingisfree

      You’re also paying to use the staff/space/facilities/etc. If you want a $2 “natty boh”, go to the damn grocery store and sit at home alone

      • MtP

        Or go to the Red Derby, with a great staff/space/facilities/etc. and pay $1 during happy hour.

      • MtP

        Or go to Penn Commons and pay $5 for a pint of any number of delicious craft beers. I get the argument, but $5 for natty boh is absurd anywhere.

    • stacksp

      Get a water and grab a cold one when you get home. Better yet, drink a cold one before you walk in and grab a water with your BBQ lol

    • What else would you pair with a $14 pulled pork sandwich?

      • Kevin

        The sandwich is $9. The $14 “plate” includes two sides.

        The prices are in line with being in a part of the city where rents are sky high.

        • FridayGirl

          I think the prices are ridiculous, too, but not at all out of line with American Ice Co. a few blocks down.

    • rob

      amen. plenty of people are keen to dish out $10 on a brew, which I’m totally cool with. A pour-over coffee is half that after all, but people definitely need to have shitty beer options and bums it out when 12oz of yellow beer is $5 + tip.

  • nope

    $32 four meat plate? GTFO here.

  • Josh

    these prices are not THAT crazy.
    the sandwiches come with two sides.
    c’mon people, lighten up a little!

  • ctk

    Yeah, that pulled pork sammich looks like it’s $9 without sides (hard to read it clearly on this monitor).

    Anyone know if they’ll be open for lunch weekdays?

  • Philippe Lecheval

    It’s good to see they haven’t painted over the Shepard Fairey mural. I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if it gets painted over someday by someone who doesn’t realize its historical significance.

    • U neighbor

      Do explain, now I’m curious.

  • The beers they have for 6 bucks all look good tho. 6 bucks is a reasonable price

  • Drew R de G

    I can vouch for the food from BBQ Joint 100%. They started in Easton MD several years ago and quite simply put, have excellent bbq chicken. I go to the Waterfowl Festival every year, just to go to the BBQ Joint. Best I’ve ever had. Their BBQ rubs are top notch for those of you who do the BGE smoker.

    I think the move to the heart of U Street will be an uphill battle though to compete with everything else under the sun. These guys have a commitment to BBQ that is lacking in NW DC (Pitmasters Backalley excluded). Wish them the best of luck and plan to go there pronto.


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