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What the Hell Happened at the Shaw Metro Last Night?

by Prince Of Petworth January 8, 2016 at 11:10 am 24 Comments


@DoanDoanDoanN asks us:

“What the hell happened at the Shaw Metro this evening?”

@AdamBlickstein tweeted us last night:

“From what I can tell a car skipped the curb, barely missed Shaw metro entrance, exploded in flames after hitting a tree WTF DC? @PoPville”

@ConthesceneWTTG tweeted:

Driver ran from crash at Howard U Shaw Metro station; arrested nearby

  • atlas

    It looks like the the driver was going the wrong way down P st. Hopefully no one was waiting at the bus stop there.

    • atlas

      whoops, R Street*

  • Jamgon

    I’d like to thank this driver for providing our daily reminder that cars should probably be more or less banned from DC.

    • atlas

      i know you may get a lot of disagreement, but +10000 from me

    • shmoo

      you do realize that not everyone lives close to a metro? I live in DC. and I am 2 miles from a metro and work in Maryland. so please, stop with the “cars shouldnt be allowed in DC” thing.

      • Kingman Park

        +1 I bet Jamgon wants to ban guns too.

        • Eckingtonite

          And what is wrong with banning guns?

          • Common Sense

            Absolutely nothing, just as soon as DC gets the crime explosion resolved and fixes the constant problems with 911 dispatch and MPD response.

    • TX2DC

      Ugh, this tripe again….

    • SWDC

      Or you could go back to whatever flyover state you’re originally from…

      • womp

        Just curious, but wouldn’t someone from a flyover state be the biggest proponent for driving a car?

    • Philippe Lecheval

      Bikes should be banned, too. Anything with wheels.

      • TX2DC

        I like your thinking – if you apply a ban, apply it to all! :-)

      • INDC

        Damn wheelchairs – they’re the worst!

    • anonymous

      If you ban cars, only the criminals will have them…oh wait, does that argument not apply here?

      • Nic

        It would make them easier to spot.

    • Dan

      In some alternate universe:

      Nothing bigger or faster than a golf cart within city limits.

      Citizens store their 2-ton highway beasts in some strategically placed parking garages right at the city limits.

  • jk

    Invest in a state of the art metro system like in London, Paris, Moscow or other capitals of the world

  • U neighbor

    I witnessed the crash.
    I was driving down R street just past the Shaw library, and looking north up 8th I saw a car being pursued by MPD southbound on 8th street. It looked fishy, like the car wasn’t pulling over, so I kept an eye on it in my rear view, and saw the car turn left the wrong way down R street, and 3 seconds later heard a loud crash. It then turned into a foot chase, officer’s gun drawn. The area was swarming with a huge backup response within seconds.
    Definitely something nefarious was happening. I’m just glad the car didn’t hit another vehicle head-on (which could have been me about 10 seconds earlier, yikes!).

    • Truxton Thomas

      Glad to see the police present on that block.

    • Rich

      Always refreshing to get an eyewitness rather than ax grinding.

    • annonny

      Yikes! And horray for the cops! That block of 8th north of R Street has a routine amount of nefarious-seeming activity. Glad the cops are in the area!

  • homer

    Also witnessed the crash. I had just left the metro from the Shaw station and was walking up the street with a friend when we saw the police pursuing the vehicle. I noticed that the suspect’s car, a silver Ford, seemed to have already hit something, the front end of the car and the hood were already sunk in. The car did not burst into flames. As soon as we heard the crash we decided to hot step it out of there, police were swarming in from every other street.

  • JohnH

    Thug Volvo drivers.


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