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Two Guns Recovered and Arrests Made at 3pm Sunday near the Shaw Metro – Later 10 Juveniles Commit Robbery [Force & Violence] Nearby

by Prince Of Petworth January 11, 2016 at 11:10 am 16 Comments

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From MPD:

“On Sunday, January 10, at approximately 3:00p.m., Third District Officers received a call for service for two adult males armed with pistols in the rear of the 700 block of S Street, NW. Once the officers arrived on the scene, they observed two adult males matching the description. The two males immediately fled the scene and threw both pistols to the ground.

The suspects were stopped and after further investigation they were arrested for Carrying a Pistol without a License. Two pistols were also recovered from the scene.

Excellent job by all!!”

In less pleasing news just north of the Shaw metro, DC Alerts reports at 6:38pm Sunday night:

“Robbery [Force & Violence] at 1838 hrs in the 1900 b/o 7th Street, NW. LOF 10 Juveniles. One suspect wearing a green jacket.”

  • Kingman Park

    It’s always the youts.

  • 7thStTechGuy

    They police were working this scene right around 3:50 yesterday- with officers leaving the scene in a hurry. That Alley is where the young guy that was arrested for the Shlonsky Shooting was hanging out.

    • JohnH

      There are issues ALl the FLIPPING time in this alley and on this 1 block radius. It’s a certain housing development that seems to be the problem…and good news, it’s expanding!

  • Petworthcat

    this morning around 6:50 am i was driving down georgia near some of the bars across from Howard and a clearly intoxicated man was almost falling into the street and i saw him from my side view. I looked to make sure he was ok and he started to yell at me and tried to come at my car. i had to pull away into another lane and leave. I was shocked someone was that drunk before 7 am. i would have called the police but didn’t what good it would do.

    • anon

      sometimes people get drunk the night before…

  • Anon

    Until DC gets tough on crime, this will continue. And I don’t mean taking away civil liberties etc. There has to be accountability for repeat offenders and juvenile delinquents though. That 90% of the problem in our city.

    • Anon

      I’d say that 90% of the problems stem from abject poverty and decades of institutional neglect, and that crime is but a symptom of the problem, but I doubt anyone came here for an earnest debate.

      • TOM

        No denying that poverty is a contributing/confounding factor to the high crime rate. But, other cities have higher poverty rates and lower crime rates (NYC and Boston) than us.

        I don’t personally know what the right approach is. There is no silver bullet. But, I think it does involve stepped up policing and targeted prosecutions of repeat offenders. There is of course a role for social programs, but those are more indirect long-term stuff.

      • Anon

        Wow about you suggest a valid solution instead of the same tired rhetoric you heard in your poli-sci course at GW?

        • mcd

          hahaha. +1

          These kind of comments are unfortunately the norm by people trying to sound smarter than they are and get cyber high fives from fellow leftists…so boring.

      • JohnH

        I don’t know. I saw a group of kids rob ONE soda from Pizza D’Oro on 8th and T a few months back. The employee chased them down and got it back and the kids went back by the store shouting obscenities at the employee. I think it’s more of a game and entertainment for them than anything. I don’t think these kids are starving. Obviously poverty is a contributing factor (if they lived in a house with a nice yard to play in, would they be doing this? probably not). But they clearly aren’t afraid of the consequences.

        • say what

          because there are no consequences until they either turn 18 or kill someone a prosecutor gets the balls to charge them as an adult. The cops know who these guys are, they always do. but until they really do some damage (ie murder), then its a catch and release. But we elect the same dopes year after year who are actually getting softer on juvenile crime. I will never figure out why folks think mendleson is a good elected official. Don’t even get me started on one trick pony nadeau. Trust me, neighbors are meeting already to figure out a strategy to run someone against her next time.

      • hstreeter

        Yeah, because people have no agency or free will and are merely automatons of their social conditions.

  • Susan Austin

    It is irrelevant what the backgrounds of criminals are. Criminals are a public menace and need to be dealt with if law-abiding citizens are to expect to enjoy any quality of life. We can’t require that policing be based on idiotic views on why thugs are thugs. As long as the police are demoralized and the Justice system is a revolving door for violent lawbreakers, there will be no peace in Shaw or in other parts of the city. Yes, it is sad that there is poverty and drugs. But not everyone who grows up poor grabs a gun and goes out to commit mayhem. Personal responsibility and respect for life and property can AND SHOULD be appreciated by everyone – not just those with a middle class upbringing. Get real.

    • The OP Anon

      Shaw has it especially bad because it has the highest concentration of halfway houses and shelters in the city. The low income housing concentration (aka “projects”) is actually worse in other areas of the city (Hill East/H Street, EoTR).

      • AnonymousJ

        Has anyone actually seen a strategic plan come out of the Metro Police Department in years? I can’t find one. I know strategic plans arent always all that helpful… but at least they show some thoughtfulness and (sometimes consensus) about the direction of the Department… or at least a list of targeted strategies for now and the future.


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