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Today’s Rental is a “1,400 sq. ft. unit that spans 2 levels”

by Prince Of Petworth January 11, 2016 at 2:50 pm 19 Comments

1205 Clifton Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1205 Clifton Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Located between U St. & Columbia Heights, this 2BR/Den, 2.5 BA condo is close to all the best of city living. This 1,400 sq. ft. unit spans 2 levels, & features an open floor plan living area, complete with a ss/granite kitchen, hw floors, a skylight, 2 balconies, & an in-unit w/d. A private roof deck and parking space top the list of extraordinary. Available furnished or unfurnished.”


You can see more photos here.

  • JohnH

    Ummmmm $4,250/month? No. No. No. NO. NO. NOOOOO.

    • textdoc

      Maybe they reversed the digits and it was supposed to be $2450??
      $4250/mo for this is crazy.

  • Tim

    Nice apartment, insane price. No.

  • Tony

    I’ve been out of the rental market for several years, but this has to be way overpriced by at least $750 a month.

    • Formerly ParkViewRes

      $750? It’s only 2 bedrooms! I am thinking it’s overpriced by at least $1500! I don’t understand how they came up with this price at all.

      • sproc

        Not quite. High 3s is probably appropriate. Over 4k is pretty aggressive for something not in a nice staffed building with secure parking. Besides the price, being right on top of Cardozo isn’t that appealing, either.

      • Tony

        I guess the size (1400 sq ft) and private roof deck with a great view make this well above average for a 2 bedroom in DC. It’s a wonderful unit on paper, but seems overprice nonetheless. But I haven’t rented an apartment in over 4 years so what do i know.

      • anon

        it’s 2BR + den. It seems like they’re assuming someone would live in the den. It might actually be an ok deal if the den is functional as a 3rd bedroom.

        • JohnH

          That’s still $1400/bedroom. I wouldn’t pay anywhere over $1000 to live in a den and share a bathroom.

  • This price point is an absolute joke. You could almost get three one bedroom apartments for the same price. I was thinking this would be around $2800 or perhaps pushing $3,000 at most. Disappointed in even knowing this kind of listing is a thing…

    • RFM

      $2800 for an updated 2BR + den/office with parking, roof deck? Would love to know what your comp is and what neighborhood for that price.

      Overpriced but maybe that is the furnished price?

  • rob


  • 13th Street Fan

    Looks great, and great options getting downtown (Bus, Rail, Capitol Bike Share, walking and UBER/Lift). For the right tenant this might be a choice. Downside, on the 4th of July the intersection of 13th and Clifton St NW the whole neighborhood comes out to watch the National Fireworks…. wait that a good thing ; )
    Note: I live nearby and my place isn’t as nice, big or new and I don’t have parking space….

    • CHGal

      Isn’t uber/lyft an option to get downtown from pretty much anywhere?

    • JohnH

      Are you the landlord? Nobody is bashing the location, it’s the price.

  • The OP Anon

    With only 10% down, at current purchase prices their carrying costs would be close to $4K all in. In my humble estimation.
    I don’t think the rental market has kept up in pricing with costs to buy. This is a super aggressive price for the dead of winter. Probably over priced by $1000 for a 2BR in January.

    • anon

      looks like this unit sold for $600K in 2012. monthly carrying costs would be no more than $3k with 10% down, meaning (leaving out a lot of other analysis) price/rent ratio still favors buying.

      • JohnH

        The problem in DC is that many would love to buy, but it’s not affordable. This place is probably not renting out to a family, but to 3 people looking for a place to share and afford rent (although this place is an absurd price). However, if you aren’t married, you’re basically out of luck to afford much in DC. There aren’t many nice places that are gonna be $1400/month with a standard mortgage/taxes/hoa – and first time homebuyers have an even tougher time in general.

  • ECfromDC

    They need to remove like 2 grand from the price lol.


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