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Scheduled Street Closures for Friday’s March for Life Activities

by Prince Of Petworth January 21, 2016 at 4:45 pm 31 Comments

street closures
Photo by PoPville flickr user washingtonydc

Yesterday we learned about the somewhat curious warm up – here are the street closures from MPD for the official March for Life activities:

“The Metropolitan Police Department, the United States Park Police, the United States Capitol Police, and the District Department of Transportation would like to inform the public of several street closures in conjunction with the 2016 March for Life Activities scheduled for Friday, January 22, 2016.

· F Street NW will be closed between 6th Street NW and 7th Street NW starting at 7:00 a.m. until approximately 1:00 p.m.

· Rolling street closures will take place between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on 7th Street NW, from F Street to Jefferson Drive NW.

· Rolling street closures will take place on Constitution Avenue NW, from 17th Street to 1st Street beginning at approximately 1:00 p.m. and running to approximately 4:00 p.m.

· Rolling street closures will take place on Independence Avenue, from 15th Street, SW to 1st Street, SE, beginning at approximately 1:00 p.m. and running to approximately 4:00 p.m.

Motorists traveling in the area of this event may experience traffic congestion as well as delays and should consider alternative routes, if possible. We would like to remind motorists to pay full attention whenever operating motor vehicles in the area and to be mindful of heavy pedestrian traffic that may be associated with special events. These street closings are subject to change without notice based upon unanticipated events and prevailing conditions.

For more information regarding this event please visit, http://marchforlife.org/.”

  • DC

    Can you have rolling street closures during a snow emergency?

  • Dadric

    Just to get it out there before the whining starts, if you don’t like being mildly inconvenienced by people assembling, don’t live in DC.

    If you don’t think people should be allowed to assemble in support of a cause you disagree with, don’t live in the United States.

    • C_petworth

      It just seems a bit irresponsible since the Mayor has issues a state of emergency. I think we are trying to keep people off the roads to get them weather treated. Also with possible power outages all weekend and people in compromised positions due to the storm we are asking our law enforcement to spend their time roping off a street?

      • Dadric

        I understand your point, but they’re already here and they didn’t ask for bad weather. I doubt it will really divert substantial resources that would otherwise be put to dealing with the storm. Plus, there are a lot of them, and they will likely spend a lot of money during a weekend where I suspect many DC restaurants and retail will get less foot traffic than usual.

        • C_petworth

          The route is on the emergency snow route. You can look it up on ddot’s website. As of 930am tomorrow DC residents must have their cars off those roads or else risk being towed ( full list of fines below*) but this protest can go on? I am not against free speech but again our city is trying to brace its self for a pretty big storm and they are using the roads that the city has target to treat and plowed so that they are kept clear throughout storms for police, fire and other emergency vehicles. I think it would be justifiable to deny their request under the circumstances.

          * . The resident will incur a $250 fine for parking on a snow emergency route during a declared snow emergency, a $100 towing fee and a $25 impound fee (this fee will double after 48 hours and then increase by $25 every 24 hours thereafter)

        • Colhi

          Also, BS on they are already here. The majority of those that participate are High School kids that are bussed down from Catholic Schools on the day of the march. They used to do it from my high school in NJ.

          • timmyp2353

            Yes the destroyed the commute here this morning on the metro. Nothing like adding hundreds of extra people to a rush hour commute.

    • soulshadow55

      I see your point but you’re talking to 500,000+ residents of the capitol city of the nation that don’t have a vote in Congress. We have to be major league inconvenienced almost every weekend by citizens from across the country who come here to protest/complain/whine, etc. Our tax dollars and police force are used to protect them, they take up millions of dollars of resources that we pay for but we still don’t have a vote in Congress. And even though most of the rest of the country knows this they won’t lift a finger to lobby on our behalf or help us in any way. So yeah, I have a right to whine about it. I’d like to be able to spend a day in the park without sitting in traffic waiting for 10,000 people to march by complaining about something that’s totally irrelevant to me as a citizen of Washington. I’d like my taxes and police force to be used on something that benefits the city I live and pay taxes in even though I have no vote in Congress.

      • kittycatbob

        Agreed, especially considering these folks don’t want their tax dollars to pay for the health care of anyone else.

        • snowsnow

          Um, if they thought it was “healthcare” they wouldn’t be protesting tomorrow. That’s the crux of the disagreement!

      • Dadric

        Let’s try not to conflate separate issues.

        If you want to complain about the fact that’s we’re denied statehood and/or representation and/or political self-determination, or that so many Americans are hypocrites with regard to that particular matter, you’re preaching to the choir. Sing it.

        On the other hand, if you want to complain that as a resident of the city that is the seat of government you’re forced to deal with inconveniences that naturally – and quite reasonably – exist in any city that’s the seat of government, my sympathy is limited.

      • Is there someone forcing you to live in DC?

    • Accountering

      It’s not that I don’t think they should be able to assemble, I just wish that given their message, that the snow would start early just for them. I very much agree with their right to assemble, but certainly hope they get horrible miserable weather..

      • soozles

        +1. I think we’ve always done a pretty good job of serving up awful weather for their marches. I think it was 22 last year.

  • anon

    wait, they’re still going to let these people do this when there is a weather emergency? isn’t everyone advised to stay at home and off the streets to clear the way for emergency vehicles? are we going to have dozens of stranded buses full of pro-lifers that we have to dig out? good luck folks.

    • HH

      That’s okay, they’re great believers in “personal responsibility”. Surely, they will dig themselves out, right?

  • jcm

    Are we sure they’ve got the correct city? They aren’t going to be march down Main St. of Washington, VA, are they?

  • anon

    We respect life SO much that we expect emergency personnel to be diverted to our protest in the lead up to a major weather event. Screw the elderly and homeless who need city personnel to help them live through this blizzard. We’re PRO-LIFE damn it!

    • markus

      We respect choice SO much that we expect others to let me choose their evening plans for them. Screw the constitutional right to free speech and the fact that this was planned months ago. We’re PRO-CHOICE damn it!

      • cjg

        planned moths ago is irrelivant, its a major weather storm. Tons of things that where planned months ago are being canceled. the city is bracing for a storm lota of things have been canceled as a result. if they want to protest thats fine, bit law enforcment should not have to use resources to block roads for them when they are needed elsewhere

        • markus

          Agreed. Wasn’t saying there’s not logic to rescheduling, just not Anon’s logic.

      • Makhnovisti

        If they suffered legal consequences, that would be a free-speech violation.

        • C_petworth

          no one is suggestiong they should not be allowed to protest or rally but i see no reason why a city under a state of emergency has to provode respurces to accommodate road closures! They should just be forced to the side walks or mall to allow the streets to be treated .

          • C_petworth

            resources *

        • timmyp2353

          At what point did we stop using common sense when it comes to violating ones rights? I mean common, violating free speech? When there is a tangible potential danger afoot it seems to me that common sense should prevail and one could recognize this is being done for the good of the common people not to go all North Korea and stop free speech. Why can’t people just think rationally anymore?

  • LouC

    Considering how many bad weather events have happened to make the March for Life annual protest miserable, I picture this scenario.
    God: “Can’t you morons take a hint and cancel the protest?”

  • spookiness

    Constitution be damned, shut this down.

  • PetworthAdam

    There are going to be a lot of people sleeping in buses until Sunday night. No way that the crowds will be able to leave the city. Wanna get rich? Go downtown with a couple coolers full of hot food and drinks. I wonder if any food places will even be open.

  • dc_anon

    Not sure what the big deal is, most of these protests are bus in, chant, yell, whatever, then immediately bus out. They’re timed to be out of the city before evening rush hour which in this case is before the snow even starts. W/ the lack of commuter traffic and empty federal buildings they’ll get out quicker and on the plus side, nobody will even notice they’re there.

    • Finitor

      I realize these protests are mostly high school kids bussed in and older women past reproductive age or settled in town with their families, but several models are showing the snow starting at noon. Federal government is shutting down by noon. DC is in a state of emergency starting at 9:30am.

      It just seems irresponsible and selfish for anyone to continue with a major event.

  • derp derp

    Coming into work this morning it was very quiet downtown… I wonder who will even see this protest? Might be worth their time to just reschedule.


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