Report Says Obamas to Stay in DC after Term Ends

by Prince Of Petworth January 11, 2016 at 12:10 pm 87 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Adam Fagen

Good news for fans of the First Family from West Wing Report:

“With one-year to go, President & Mrs. O still have not settled on a Washington home; Kalorama, Embassy Row areas said to be favored…The Obamas will stay in Washington until Sasha (who turns 15 this year) finishes high school”

  • No Bikes

    I can’t wait to see them playing pinball at the Black Cat!

  • That’s pretty cool. They can rent my house in Capitol Hill and I’ll happily retire early!

  • Anon

    its nice of them to let her finish high school with her classmates but of alllllll the places to live, I’d imagine they’d be getting the hell outta dodge….like to their beloved Hawaii! 8 years is enough in this town. Unless your specific (govt) job/internship/university is here there’s no real point in staying.

    • Anon

      Wait, did someone pee in your morning cereal?

    • AMDCer

      Oh, crap – I’ve been here 23 years…must not have gotten that memo.

      • Caroline

        I’ve only been here about a decade but yeah, that’s a weird comment. I couldn’t image living someplace I disliked just because of my job. I think most of us could easily relocate if we wanted to.

        • Some folks are just miserable with the life choices that have led them where they are and choose to extrapolate that to others, no point trying to make sense out of it.

      • What a life you wasted, you could have been in Hawaii!

        • AMDCer

          Well, I did transfer down to the USVI for a couple of years, so I got in some tropical living.

      • saf

        32 years here. And yes, because it’s home and that’s it.

    • Blithe

      Well, the DC that I grew up in had many, many reasons for staying. It’s a shame that that’s changing — in part because of the impact of so many transient people who have come here just for their specific job/internship/university/etc. with minimal interest in the communities and institutions that have made DC a wonderful, if flawed, place to live.
      I’m impressed that the Obamas are being very public about their decisions as a family to support their youngest daughter’s academic and social needs.

      • It’s gotta suck to be his neighbor though. I’m guessing they still do a full security transport for ex-Presidents? Especially ones with as much high alert threats as he’s had to deal with.

        • Blithe

          Yeah, I agree — it would suck big time. Security and transport for the President — and I’m guessing their spouse and kids. I also imagine that the level of scrutiny of his nearby neighbors would be pretty high. I’m guessing — and hoping — that once Obama is no longer the president that the threats would decrease, but still might be higher than whatever the norm (horrible word for this, I know) is for most ex-Presidents.

          • Emmaleigh504

            IIRC ex presidents get security detail. It used to be for life, but starting with Bush 2 it’s something like 10 years.

          • Emmaleigh504

            correction: it’s still for life for all presidents. Pres Obama changed it.

          • Blithe

            Good! I think it SHOULD be for life — although maybe the level of it should/can decrease with time. Does anyone know about spouses and kids? I know it’s not for life with the kids — but I also think that there’s an increased risk, particularly with minor kids, and I’m not sure how that’s handled. I’m thinking that the last ex-president with a minor child was Carter?

          • Emmaleigh504

            According to wikipedia kids get security until age 16. But I remember seeing somewhere that they could get it longer, but I have no details.
            I agree that it should be for life. I’m glad that was fixed.

        • Irving Streete

          Speaking as someone who had a home invasion, I wouldn’t mind a few secret service agents on the block. On the other hand having some guy with an earpiece knock on your door to tell you “the president wants you to turn down the damn stereo” would be unnerving.

          • bruno

            I love it here. I’m staying.

      • Transient

        I suspect DC has always been full of “transients.”

        “Lifers” should be used to this.

    • ddddd

      Or if it’s your home.

    • anon85

      it’s too bad you can’t see beyond the “transient” attitude. i’m sure you think “nobody is from dc.”

      i could easily find a job elsewhere but very happy with my (non-govt) job, house, and life here. it’s a great city if you think for yourself rather than subscribe to a “this town” mentality.

    • Anonymouse

      My guess is they will probably head to Boston or back to Chicago. My money is on Obama taking up a professorship at Harvard or UChicago. He probably longs to be back in academia.

      • shmoo

        I foresee him being named to the supreme court if Hilary is elected. It has happened before (Taft) so there is precedent for it.

        • MCR

          You clearly have no understanding of modern politics.

        • Anonymouse

          That would be a pretty odd choice seeing as he would not be remotely qualified for such a position. Although, stranger things have happened (such as the Nobel Peace Prize award).

          • Anon

            The constitution doesn’t set forth any requirements for being a Supreme Court justice. So, he’s qualified!

          • Park View

            We aren’t talking about a lay-person here. He is a Harvard trained attorney and a former constitutional law professor at UChicago.

          • Anonymouse

            “We aren’t talking about a lay-person here. He is a Harvard trained attorney and a former constitutional law professor at UChicago.”
            There are thousands of Harvard trained attorneys out there, and many constitutional law professors as well (and Obama was not even a tenure track professor). Very few of them are qualified to be supreme court justices. I can think of a few, but Obama is not one.

    • houseintherear

      I live in DC but work in MD! **GASP**, can you imagine?!!!?!!!???

      • Colhi

        Me too! Love DC – my friends, neighbors, all of the great stuff to do. I happened to find a job I love in MD but I don’t want to leave all of the things I love about DC behind.

      • neighbor

        Me too!! I reverse commute because DC is freaking awesome. There are tons of people who ride from DC out to MD every day.

        • Caroline

          Practically everyone I know reverse commutes. It’s a shame more jobs can’t be in DC, but at least it’s an awesome place to live.

      • jd

        Originally from MD, now live in DC and work in MD. Lived in CA and FL beach towns for years. I love it here and have zero plans of leaving this area again.

      • Kukki Bakemono

        Same here…live in DC and work in MD. I left DC once years ago, regretted it, and moved back when I got the chance. I love it here.

    • wdc

      I’m sorry, Anon. Have you considered joining a meetup group of some kind to try to make some friends?

    • ah

      If nothing else, Hawaii is a big hassle to get from to all the lucrative speeches that he (like all recent past presidents) will be making. So might as well live close to airports with reasonable connections domestically and internationally (I realize this argument can be made for Chicago too).

      • bruno

        Right. You better like Hawaii because once you’re there, you’re not going anywhere else in a hurry.

        • DC4Life

          That’s the problem with Hawaii. I don’t care how great a place is, being that isolated is not appealing.

    • neighbor

      I freaking love DC. I moved here for a job, but I’m staying for life. I’m sorry you hate it.

  • Anon

    I heard they were considering renting a unit at the Shay in NoSha.

    • above7-11

      They looked, but decide against paying $2500 for a studio.

      • The OP Anon

        But the walls are modular!!! Gotta keep out Bo off the bed somehow.

  • The OP Anon

    “Justice Obama” has a nice ring to it. Giving Taft a run for his money.

    • Blithe

      I wish!!!!!

    • Hagiographer

      It’s a lovely dream, but it’s not gonna happen. Taft got appointed to Chief Justice, whereas Obama would end up the junior associate justice (since Roberts isn’t leaving anytime soon), and that just doesn’t seem like a role an ex-president would be likely to accept.

      • shmoo

        dosent the president name the chief justice? So president Clinton could technically name obama the chief justice. It wouldnt require Roberts to step down from the court.

        • Anon Spock

          I’ve never seen it done where the chief wasn’t dead or stepping down. I feel like that takes incapacity or an impeachment first.

        • NotALawStudent

          Yes it would. Presidents cannot remove a supreme court justice from their position as associate or chief justice.

        • Blithe

          I didn’t know that the president could take the “Chief Justice” role away from someone who already has it. If this is indeed the case, I wonder why it hasn’t been exercised more often — especially as the court has become more overtly politicized.

          • Anon Spock

            Exactly. It’s not the case lol

      • Not to mention that they still have to be confirmed. Can you imagine that confirmation ever getting through this bungled mess of a Congress?

    • scooter

      unilateral law changes for all!

  • Euclid

    Obama for mayor!

    • Anon

      Obama for ANC Council!

      • Anonon

        Obama for PTA President at Sidwell Friends!

        • Anonamom

          If my experience with PTAs is anything similar to the PTA at Sidwell, I should thing that dealing with a Republican Congress would be preferable to entering the pool of PTA politics.

          • AJSE


    • elbeech

      omg that would be amazing.

  • I Dont Get It

    I think it’s great that they are staying until Sasha finishes high school but I wish he would move over the border into Maryland. I’m bothered by the symbolism of an ex-president staying in DC immediately following his presidency. Is there a modern day precedent for this?

    I’m sure this is an unpopular opinion on this site…

    • anonymouse_dianne

      The Clinton’s lived near the Veeps house for awhile, IIRC

      • Ward One Resident

        They still have a house here near the Italian Embassy. How often they are actually here I don’t know though.

      • I Dont Get It

        But didn’t they move to New York first?

        • Ward One Resident

          Actually no. They bought the house in D.C. in December 2000 while Clinton was still in office, but it wasn’t meant to be their primary residence. That was New York. The plan was to use the house while she was here doing work in the Senate.

          • Ward One Resident

            Sorry, not actually no, but sorta no, sorta yes.

          • andy2

            They bought the Chappaqua house first and then when Hillary won and needed a DC residence they bought the Whitehaven home.

          • andy2

            I have an idea…when they leave, they could lease Hillary and Bill’s Whitehaven house till Sasha graduates. Its furnished, has all the security upgrades they’d need. Is really close to Sidwell and would just make it easier.

    • Anon H St

      What do you think it is symbolic of?

    • Anonomnom

      So, what “symbolism” involved here bothers you? I don’t quite follow…

    • CHGal

      I think it’s great symbolism, letting people know it’s a regular town where regular people live, not just politicians.

      • wdc

        Agreed. To say they need to leave town is to agree with Anon above– that there’s no point in staying in DC once you leave the job/ school that brought you here in the first place.

    • Bloomingdale Love

      Pretty standard….not just for ex-presidents, but multi-term Senators/Reps leaving office. I think This Town by Mark Leibovich made a pretty pointed argument that it’s the exception, not the rule, that elected officials leave DC after retiring/term limits/booted out. Too many lucrative gigs and established professional networks around here.

    • textdoc

      Wouldn’t it be great if a former president could lend his voice to calls for D.C. voting rights, though?

      • Anon

        He has; it hasn’t helped.

        • saf

          No he hasn’t.

    • AMDCer

      Not a “modern day” example, but Woodrow Wilson stayed in DC (and I recommend visiting his house on S Street – it’s cool!)

    • bruno

      Woodrow Wilson stayed in DC after he was president. His house is in Kalorama, and he’s buried in National cathedral — the only US president buried in the District.

      • bruno

        Oh, oops. Didn’t see AMDCer’s Woody note before I struck!

  • anon
    • ledroitres

      MANNNNNNNNNNNNNN that would be awesome! lol

  • Pontor

    I love living in DC. It’s a false myth that everyone is just forced to be here for a job.

    We have the perfect blend of some urban density, transit options, and vibrancy with green space, unique careers, an educated and informed population, and access to beautiful natural areas as well as other major cities for overnight train getaways.

    What more could you want?

    • Pontor

      Misplaced response to Anon 12:44

    • Anon

      More eclectic personalities and lower cost of living.

      • Anonymouse

        Ha. That sounds about right. I’ve been here almost 10 years and the list of things I “could want” keeps growing the longer I stay here and the more I visit other cities around the country and the world.

    • Pontor

      I guess it depends who you surround yourself with. They don’t slap you in the face with their presence but I’ve found great artists, brilliant scientists, dirty hipsters who know all the local music, innovative tech entrepreneurs…

      Probably my only real gripe with this city is that intelligence and capacity is measured by college degrees, which in the real world doesn’t necessarily equate.

  • sasindc

    Sublet available on Whitehaven in NW DC. Secret Service approved security. Contact H. Clinton for details.


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