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  • Michael

    I noticed all of the snow dump trucks that have been blocking traffic for the last few days have Connecticut registrations. While this type of snow removal would have been helpful a week ago, the dump trucks only seemed to show up once the snow had already started melting quickly on its own. I’d wager the massive number of backhoes and dump trucks on our streets over the last few days, many being quite recklessly driven, are actually making mobility in DC worse than better on net.

    I’m curious about the cost of bringing in these out-of-state resources, relative to the negligible benefits they are providing if any. I’d also be curious if the construction companies that are profiting from this deployment have given campaign contributions to the DC officials responsible for bringing them in. Seems like a good question for an enterprising investigative reporter to pursue.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      I think the most important benefits are for first responders. It’s hard enough to get an ambulance or fire truck through many parts of town even without one or two fewer lanes on the road.

    • Accountering

      It is incredibly expensive. Bringing in linemen for example (to work on electrical lines after storms) will cost double time for the 12-16 hours a day they work, and then they get paid their normal hourly wage while they work. A friend who is a linemen can make $10,000/week when he gets sent out for storms. Considering how warm it has gotten, I would say pretty much any dollars we spent after Wednesday or so of last week were wasted. Bowser loves spending our money though, and a few million extra is nothing to her unfortunately.

  • logandude

    Eh, after having to spend time in Ballston and in Reston this weekend, I think the snow removal effort in DC definitely was better and is to be commended. Try walking around the Wiehle East metro station – those sidewalks will remain blocked for weeks to come.

  • petworther

    To be fair I think they have already been given props in the form of compensation from our taxes. Also I’ve seen a bunch of those Florida trucks driving like they were still in Florida (i.e. like maniacs who think they own the road).

  • TropicBird

    I was pleased to see dump trucks from Florida loading up with snow being ground up by “snow eaters” along Upshur Ave last Friday. One truck had a cute graphic on the back, with a picture of a snowman attempting to thumb a ride south with the legend “Sharing The Sun.” The trucks are here as part of a cooperative agreement. Not sure why people would complain about DC parents not having to sideswipe each other during dropoff in front of Powell.


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