• LenskiBucher

    “Dude, come with me – I’ll introduce you to my friend Streetcar!”

  • Crittenden Res

    Southern efficiency

    • Crittenden Res

      Meant to type…

      southern efficiency, northern weather

      • AJSE

        perfect as is imo

    • AJSE

      +1 amazing

  • Crittenden Res

    Clearly there are no exceptions to the snow emergency route towing rules.

  • Jobe

    “Hurry we’re going to be late for the press conference–we need to set everything up before the Mayor gets there so it looks like she has everything under control!”

  • oh2dc

    Maryland salt trucker drivers didn’t take the snow emergency parking restrictions seriously

  • rebeccah6691

    A little salt for my margarita

  • Joe

    I think our Mayor is showing a lot of leadership.

  • logancirclegirl14


  • Ethelred the Unready

    Looks like Tony Montana parked on a snow emergency route.

  • Ron

    The right was right.
    First gay marriage,
    Now trucks are getting hitched.

  • Petworthy

    WMATA declares its new snowplow program a success

  • JR

    It’s still OPM’s fault.

  • kallie

    A rock salt in a hard place.

  • Patrick Flynn

    Mayor Bowser should have accepted Mayor Walsh’s offer to loan Boston’s snow equipment.

  • The city of Green Bay, not content on merely taking DC’s half-smoke supply, has confiscated our snow salt as well after word gets out that Muriel Bowser doubled down on her wager.

  • Alex

    “Cars 3”: “Mater in the city”

  • Ward One Resident

    The ghost of Marion Barry tows away the city’s last snowplow hoping that finally, twenty years later, people will forget about the blizzard of 1996 and that part of his legacy.

    • zandunga

      + 1 – The 1996 snow was a walk in the park compared to the fiasco 1983 blizzard – the one were he went to Superbowl in Miami.

  • textdoc

    When one municipal vehicle loves another municipal vehicle very much…

  • marymary

    This is the most brilliant summation of DC storm management seen to date. Priceless! So wish I could think of a clever caption.

  • 7thStTechGuy

    #teammuriel’s DC is sure that it’s Tow Trucks are ready! To demonstrate we are towing one of the fully loaded plow/salt trucks around! The Crew is even riding along!

  • How many snow trucks could a tow truck tow if a tow truck could tow snow trucks?

  • jzdc

    Now tip me up a little more, there’s still a little salt left in the bottom.

  • Mike S.

    My uncle on ran one of the major public utilities in a large northern city. He was explaining to me how things ran in the real world.

    “When they’re forecasting a blizzard, who are the first people you call out?”
    “Umm. The guys who drive the snow plows,” I answered.
    “No,” He said, “The mechanics. This is hard, heavy work. Up to one third of all your equipment will either break down or need repairs in the first two hours or so.”

    This was a good number of years ago, and he then explained that most of the problems involved either starting up the vehicles – usually a quick fix – or bent or broken plows, after they hit something unseen in deep snow. And this was a city that gets a LOT more snow than DC.

  • PDinDC

    Where baby trucks come from


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