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  • timmyp2353

    That’s my hood. They NEVER plow for us ever. But last night they didn’t treat or post treat anything either. Who is responsible for these decisions?

    • Neighbor

      Bowser. She really really screwed this one up. Forecast was clear, and they are already preparing for this weekend so they have all the resources. They did nothing. Nothing. The roads are still so bad. My sidewalk on the other hand, which I salted because I’m not a moron, is bone dry.

      • timmyp2353

        Same here. Bowser killing it again.

      • sproc

        To her *SLIGHT* defense, state and local governments in both MD and VA gooned this one up, too. Way too much focus on the “big one.”

        • FridayGirl

          +1. Too much focus by DC/MD/VA on the “big one” because the weather forecasts did talk about the Wednesday clipper several times.
          Also, it’s sad that the streets in DC are all in SUCH different shape. I’m going to assume it’s the geography in this case? The side streets I passed on my way to work, U St. and 13th St. were all fine this morning….

        • Yep, PG definitely dropped the ball. Suitland Parkway was an ice rink too. It took an hour to go not even half a mile. At least they made the right call by closing schools today.

          • madmonk28

            I live two blocks from Grant Circle and watched cars struggle up NH all night from my TV room. Then this morning, our side street hadn’t even been touched. I am definitely working from home tomorrow.

        • eggs

          Agreed, Capital Weather Gang posted last night that while they (along with other forecasters) included the snow in their forecast, it was definitely under-reported because of the big storm coming and that if this big one weren’t on its way, last night’s storm would have seen a LOT more media attention and warnings.

    • caroline

      It appears no one treated no roads, not DC VA or MD. Everyone I know was commuting to and from different stops and almost all had a nightmare ride home. I just hope everyone made it safely.

  • MtP

    Side streets weren’t touched at all, but Connecticut was 100% clear from Cleveland Park all the way up to the beltway this morning. I agree that people were too focused on this weekend and really missed preparing for last night. Big mistake, especially given the timing in the early evening, which history shows us (2011) is one of the biggest issues for the region.

    • anonymous

      Part of the reason main roads are better is the amount of traffic on them. That helps prevent snow from sticking, ice from forming, etc. It is also common sense for a city with limited snow removal capabilites to focus on main thoroughfares. There are just too many small roads and not enough trucks to get everything.

  • callmeB

    Yes Petworth was nuts. Walking South on New Hampshire to the metro was risky, almost bit it a bunch of times.

  • The OP Anon

    This was Bowser’s first real snow since becoming mayor. Last year we had very little snow and usually the effort was overkill.
    My guess is that all the snow drivers were at home yesterday so they can rest up for the 48 hour shift they will be working from Friday to Sunday. Major fubar.

    • JohnH

      Maybe they were counting on all of the excessive salt they used last year to still be on the road….

  • anon

    I think this bus recovered because I saw it stalled from south of the circle, and it eventually came and got us.

    Also, I’d like to commend the bus drivers because they were doing a really good job trying to stay safe and drive slowly. I took the 64 bus home around 7, and the guy did a great job, including zigzagging to get up 11th st hill. However, after 10pm, it appears that WMATA suspended service without really telling anyone what was going on. I saw numerous out of service buses roaming the streets. Also, then having to walk home from Meridian Pint, I walked past a bus driver waiting with his bus at the Petworth metro, saying they just had to hang out and wait for instructions from WMATA. Seems they took awhile to figure out what to do and were not notifying their drivers or the riders of much.

    • nh res

      It finally did get out but it was parked there for probably close to 2 hours – which caused a mess with cars driving up and down New Hampshire.

      • PetworthMom

        It was definitely there for a while. My husband first saw it when he left for work at 7:30am, and it was still there when I walked past around 8:30am.

  • domrep

    Bowser was on FOX 5 last night saying trucks were on the road at 4 PM, but that doesn’t explain the disastrous commute. Perkins kinda pushed her a bit on that and she came across as defensive. Watching that, if they’re out at 4, there’s no way the roads should have been that bad. But that’s DC’s problem in a nutshell, they can never get a handle on the small, nuisance, clipper type storms.

    • Anon3

      The news reported 50 trucks were on the road at 4pm, and then around 10pm reported that 150 trucks would be on the roads through the night. 50 trucks sounds like a small amount to begin with, but if they were out there I’d think they would be on the major roads, which were all a mess. Stay safe, everyone!

    • ah

      My commute is mostly major roads (Independence, Whitehurst, Canal, etc.) There was no evidence of salting on any of them, and I was (luckily) headed home before the snow started sticking and turning into ice from cars. The pavement was bare.

      So those 50 trucks must have been idling somewhere, not actually pre-treating the roads.

    • JohnH

      You can track salt trucks on the DC government website. Most of my neighborhood didn’t get touched.

  • NH Ave Hiker

    NH was slick last night, I had to stop for someone going up the hill after the Georgia intersection and I had a hard time getting the car moving again (thank god for stick and being able to shift to higher gears)

  • I don’t understand the plowing/salting at all in this city. Driving down 5th street this morning, it was all pavement. Side roads still had ice, which makes sense, but NH was also covered and slick. Why would you treat 5th street before NH?

    • nh res

      What part of 5th? If below Grant Circle that is an emergency vehicle route to WHC, which might explain why it was plowed. However, I think NH is an evacuation route so it should have been plowed/treated. It was a mess.

      • Nope, north of Grant Circle between Kennedy and Grant Circle. I felt like a total wuss for making my husband drive me to the metro (the 63 bus info was so confusing on WMATA, but then felt justified when we got to NH).

  • BP

    I’ve never regretted a vote more than the one I cast for Muriel Bowser. The next election cannot get here fast enough.

    • logandude

      Oh come on. Every single jurisdiction in the Metro area failed on this one. The Beltway and I-66 out in Virginia were pure skating rinks, too. So I’m sure Catania or Gray or Fenty or whoever would have dropped the ball on this one, too.

      • BP

        This morning’s issues were unacceptable.

  • Ally

    And yet OPM opened all offices on time today, despite the roads and sidewalks being an ice rink, DC schools and govt having a 2-hour delay, and Obama’s own motorcade having several spin-outs on the way home last night. Very confused as to why there wasn’t a 2-hour delay for feds today.


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