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  • MPinDC

    Wow – that lemon! I’ve wanted to try growing lemons inside – what kind of lemon tree? Where do you keep it during the winter?

    My garden haul this weekend – three radishes, and a handful of spinach that is (so far) tolerating the cold

    • jcm

      Thanks! It’s from a Dwarf Improved Meyer Lemon, about 5 or 6 years old. It’s outside from about April to October, and then I bring it inside for the winter, and use a 150 watt CFL grow light on it. It has probably outgrown the light, though, so I either need to buy a new one or prune the heck out of it.
      It’s fun to get the fruit, and when it blooms in November the entire house smells like lemon blossoms, but I won’t pretend it’s not an incredibly finicky plant. I’m not convinced it has ever been truly happy since I’ve owned it, but it keeps giving me fruit. And this particular lemon had 6 oz of juice in it. It made a whole bunch of tasty cocktails.


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