“Metrobus transitioning to *LIGHT* snow plan by 8:30am – service restored on all routes, w/ detours”

by Prince Of Petworth January 21, 2016 at 7:30 am 5 Comments



“Metrobus transitioning to *LIGHT* snow plan – service restored on all routes, w/ detours, as of 8:30a Info:

“All Metrobus routes are expected to operate during a light snowfall. Some routes have known problem areas because of factors like hilly terrain or narrow streets that could prevent buses from operating safely until those areas are cleared and treated. When conditions prevent safe operation, buses will detour on a route-by-route basis. Passengers may experience increased wait times due to road conditions.”

Info on all the routes here.

  • Neighbor

    Bowser really f-ed up last night. There was no pretreatment on any of the roads and no plows until very late. This, despite a clear forecast from the morning. The only reason it got bad is the city didn’t handle it properly. This does not bode well for the weekend.

    • jdre

      But, but, the pranced about in front of reporters demonstrating all the drills and practices in prep for snow? Do you mean to tell me a politician acted like they could handle a situation, and then failed to execute when the situation presented itself? Impossible.

      • jdre


  • Burkette

    Ugh, 73 minute wait for the bus. I guess the light snow schedule means they run a lot less often?

  • The OP Anon

    My bus this morning skipped every stop south of Columbia Road, including most stops along Columbia Road. Huge crowds at the bus stops along the 42/43/L2 route.
    Our driver was a drill sergeant, singling out & yelling at oblivious idiots who wouldn’t move back to make room for others. No, you do not get a personal bubble of 3 square feet on the bus; not today. He even kicked off a woman who tried to cut the long line on the sidewalk by sneaking in the open back door. <3 that guy!


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