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Metro (Bus and Rail) Update for Wednesday

by Prince Of Petworth January 26, 2016 at 4:48 pm 14 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Beau Finley



Metrobus will begin service on a “moderate” weather service plan on Wednesday. Under the moderate service plan, Metrobus service will be available on 160 regional commuter routes. Additionally, Metro will run the 32 Metrobus school trips to the extent possible, given road conditions.

Bus riders are advised that even on routes where service is operating, delays and detours are possible due to road conditions. More information on how buses operate under a moderate snow plan

Additional bus routes will be restored when it is safe to do so. Metro continues to encourage riders to sign up for MetroAlerts  to receive email or text-message updates for their specific routes.


The Metrorail system will open at 5 a.m. on the Red, Orange, Blue, Green and Yellow lines.  It is not yet known whether service can be restored on the Silver Line in time for morning rush hour due to ongoing ice and snow clearing efforts.  In the event that rail service is not restored on the Silver Line, free shuttle buses will be provided starting at 5 a.m. between all Silver Line stations and West Falls Church, where connections can be made to the Orange Line.

Metrorail service will operate on a modified weekday service with trains running every 8 minutes on each line. Stations that are served by multiple lines will see more frequent service.


MetroAccess service was restored today and will be available tomorrow; however, some locations may be unavailable for door-to-door service. Delays and service impacts are possible due to road conditions.

The MetroAccess telephone call center will be open regular operating hours to assist customers with scheduling reservations.”

  • David

    I still can’t believe they’re opening schools tomorrow. I just looked at the bus list. Half the busses aren’t running tomorrow!

    • DM

      I just can’t believe it’s taking so long to dig this city out: the snow stopped falling almost 72 hours ago.

      • David

        I agree and disagree. We had a lot of snow. And it is unusual for us. So I’m not surprised we didn’t have the capacity to move that much snow quickly.

        But I was also shocked that most of the streets in my immediate area were unplowed — meaning un-passable — until today.

        • Anon

          The city’s answer to plowing my street was to have a truck drive through (with their plow up) and sort of create tire treads. That just happened today and it’s been their only response. My street, while definitely residential, is pretty well used as it’s parallel to a main road so many people (including emergency vehicles) take it as a short cut. I’m glad I don’t drive

        • ***

          There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to what and when things were plowed. Beach Drive, for instance, has been plowed since Monday. I wouldn’t consider Beach Drive to be that important of a road to be high on the plow list.

          • saf

            NPS plows that, not DC.

          • Wouldn’t beach drive be plowed by nps rather than DC govt?

          • ***

            Okay, but 2 years ago when we had 10″ in February, it was over a week before Beach Drive was touched.

      • JohnH

        Before everyone starts hooting and hollering about how great NYC is…
        “roads were still caked with crunched down snow on Tuesday”
        “Every entrance and exit, every airport ramp and nearby highway around the airport was deadlocked Monday, forcing some impatient passengers to get out and walk with their luggage to the airport, weaving in between cars on the slushy highway and access roads in attempts of making their flights.”
        “As you look down the block you can see the pile of snow, that block was never plowed since this morning” (Tuesday)
        “This morning, it took me 45 minutes to go down the block, there was no place to walk.” (Tuesday)
        “My constituents are upset. They’re angry. They pay taxes, they expect services and again it’s not like this was the first snow storm in the city’s history.”
        All of these quotes from New York City.

      • Philippe Lecheval

        The cleanup effort seems to be pretty poorly organized. And whatever happened to the National Guard? I’ve been in situations where they’ve been deployed for snow removal after a major storm, and they typically make quick work of it. This time around, I’ve seen no sign of them.

      • The OP Anon

        Snow can’t be cleared out of all travel lanes until all the cars GTFO of the way. That’s really the big issue here in DC. We have some of the worst traffic in the country and are densely populated. If anything, the storm really shows that DC has a car problem. Street parking needs to be way more expensive.
        And that’s why sparsely populated places like Rochester, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Buffalo can handle snow while we can not.

    • ***

      Also surprised about schools since “moderate” snow plan still puts many areas under served or on fairly significant detours. Assuming the feds open tomorrow, which seems like a pretty safe bet, I would tack an additional 30-45 minutes on estimated commute times tomorrow morning. It’s going to messy.

      • There’s a school on my corner and my street still hasn’t been plowed.
        All the parents turn onto my street to drop their kids off, it’s where the entrance is, and the main road on the corner is a snow emergency route, so no parking, and there’s only one lane cleared in each direction there. I have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow morning. Kids are going to have to jump from moving vehicles into the snow drifts.

  • anon

    It doesn’t make sense IMO for schools for gov to be open until everything else can be open (ALL roads, ALL metro lines, ALL buses). Dumb.


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