Meanwhile at the Grocery Store Last Night

by Prince Of Petworth January 21, 2016 at 9:00 am 57 Comments


Jason sends us the one above that really captures the oeuvre best:

“Eggs at 17th Street Safeway. @PoPville #ScrambledEggs”


Adams captures the wait:

“@PoPville Foggy Bottom Whole Foods (cashiers are upstairs; line goes downstairs)”


Michael also is able to get some of the angst:

“Pre-snow insanity in full effect at Safeway on Columbia Road NW. Line spans length of store. @PoPville”


Jonathan with another long one:

“@PoPville @capitalweather one of the 7 lines at the giant in Cleveland park that all reach the back of the store”


And things were equally grim on the de-icing front – from David:

“The shelf with de-icer at Annie’s Hardware in Petworth. @DCist @PoPville #YayWinter”

Also I hear another dusting is coming soon too…

Photo by PoPville flickr user ajacoby5

  • Annnnonnn

    We went to the Georgetown Safeway last night at around 5. The store was very well stocked, and all the cashier lines were open (this is very rare), but the lines were stretching down the aisles by the time we left. The parking situation was worse than the day before Thanksgiving.

  • anon

    What sort of delicious snowmageddon treat can be made with all that milk and Cheez-Its? some sort of midwestern cold-repelling casserole?

    All I’ve got is bourbon. Many bottles of bourbon.

    • Homeless people survive for decades on worse. You’ll probably be OK.

    • anonymous

      Honestly, who needs that much milk? Do they plan on being stuck inside for 2 months? I never understood the panic in this area around storms. Worst case, you won’t be able to buy food for like 4 days. I imagine that 95% of the people in line have enough food at home to survive that.

      • Caroline

        I asked the same question yesterday. The answer: people with teenage boys.

        • anon

          That’s disappointing. I was actually hoping there was some sort of magical milk + Cheez-It recipe.

          I guess it’ll be bourbon and corn flakes for me!

          • bd59511

            I dont have the details but some friends in college used to make some kind of baked chicken with a milk wash and then coating it in cheezits

          • ah

            I could see that – dredge chicken in milk and crushed cheez-it. Sounds good if you’re 22.

      • chellefish

        Yeah I didn’t understand the milk thing until I had a kid. Also if you do your grocery shopping on weekends, as we do for several reasons, shopping last night was not not shopping for 4 days – it was shopping for 10-12 days. Which, again, with a kid and additional expected meals at home, adds up. In other news, my husband (who braved the Teet last night at 9 pm) is a goddamned hero.

        • FridayGirl

          +1 to this. Also, a lot of people who might normally eat lunch out or have kids that eat at school will have to make up for those meals at home, thus, extra groceries. People consume a surprising amount of food each day….

  • The OP Anon

    I went to Adams Morgan HT this morning right after opening at 7am. No lines, everything was re-stocked overnight, except for bread and the fish counter is closed – the bread aisle looked like the USSR. And I got a lot of beer and junk food (along with some really lovely kale). My plan worked splendidly!

    • elbeech

      I did the same thing in Columbia Heights at 8:30 this morning. All restocked except for sandwich bread, and almost no line. Good kale there too :)

  • FridayGirl

    The time to be at Foggy Bottom Whole Foods was this morning. I stopped on the way to work. Short line, very well stocked store, you’d never have known there was a storm coming. (Props to them!)

    • Timmy

      Good to hear…I’m planning on heading to Tenley’s Whole Foods shortly and am hoping for a well stock, relatively quiet store.

  • accendo

    Does nobody in this town keep more than 12 hours worth of food in the house at any given time?

    • LittleBluePenguin

      Right?! I don’t understand this panic thing! Also, why is it always “Milk! Bread! Eggs!” – is there some requirement to make a giant French toast breakfast when it blizzards?

      • The OP Anon

        “is there some requirement to make a giant French toast breakfast when it blizzards?”
        Haha, YES. I’ve actually got some stale French country bread that I’m saving for Saturday’s French toast breakfast. I think we have the weekend menu planned out.

        • accendo

          LOL. Now I want French toast!

      • That’s what I’m making to celebrate no school :)

      • Americans consume a lot of milk, bread, and eggs naturally. So while it may appear that’s all they’re buying, it’s probably proportionate to the rest of the items in their cart for a normal trip. It just looks exacerbated by so many people doing it at once.

      • Mamasan

        If there’s not such a requirement, there absolutely should be.

      • LittleBluePenguin

        I’m gonna make fried matzoh since I never keep bread in the house and don’t feel like making a special trip

      • ah

        It’s a meme.

        Although you can’t really stock up milk for more than a few days – it spoils.

        • Caroline

          It freezes well though.

        • Milk lasts a few weeks, not days.

          • LittleBluePenguin

            You’re talking about about UNOPENED milk, right? Because I’ve never had opened milk stay good for longer than 7-8 days…..

          • Either one. At least the stuff I buy always does. It’s called Fairlife.

        • eggs

          The milk I buy always has about a month to a month and a half shelf life…it’s the organic kind, though, so maybe that’s the difference. We don’t go through enough to justify buying the cheaper, non-organic that expires quicker.

          • saf

            Organic has nothing to do with it. It’s the fact that it is ultra-pasteurized.

      • zandunga

        Thank you for reminding me. Now I have to go back to the store and buy French bread to make bread pudding on Saturday.

    • Quotia Zelda

      I did a huge amount of grocery shopping last night, but that’s because I do my week’s shopping on Saturday. That won’t be happening this Saturday, and I’d rather just have that chore done for next week.

      My grocery store was crowded but not packed last night – about like a normal Saturday afternoon – and just about everything was well stocked.

      • saf

        Me too – for exactly the same reason.

    • FridayGirl

      I keep more than that (usually 3-5 days worth) but people should remember that stores may have a hard time RESTOCKING after the storm if the trucks are delayed or stuck. So ideally we should all have enough food to last a few days beyond the weekend….

    • Caroline

      I don’t buy a lot of perishables at once, but I have enough grains, beans, canned tomatoes, coconut milk, butter/oil, root vegetables, baking supplies, apples and oranges, frozen ingredients, and booze to last me a long time!

    • Harry

      I have months’ worth of calories (flour, oatmeal, etc) and weeks’ worth of nutrition (frozen meat, dry beans, canned fruit) but I prefer to have fresh produce, eggs, and liquid milk on hand to go with.

      OTOH, we’ve known about this storm for 5 days. Why wait till Thursday evening to buy supplies?

  • Anonynon

    I went to Harris Teeter (AdMo) during my lunch break. Glad I didn’t wait til after work, its nice having that luxury sometimes!

    I got an inordinate amount of breakfast food…and brake and bake cookies will be on fleek.

  • Hookdntx

    You know all those people are just going to truck it to the 2-3 bars within a mile of themselves that are open because they don’t want to end up like Jack Nicholson in the Shining…..

  • katemc

    Anyone have reliable experience with Amtrak in the snow? What do you think the odds are for Saturday or Sunday trains?

    • The OP Anon

      Saturday will be completely shut down. If it’s a total whiteout, they won’t roll. My ex got stuck on Amtrak between DC-NYC during Snowmaggedon for 14 hours. Don’t risk it. Sunday will still be a mess as the storm is hitting the NE after us. I’d budget 8 to 10 hours to go from here to NYC.

    • eggs

      Back in the Christmas 2009 storm my Amtrak to BWI was canceled but they were conveniently running the Acela trains on schedule…when metro stopped running the trains outside entirely, they could still run the most expensive trains on the Northeast Corridor.

    • PetworthAdam

      They will absolutely be shut down on Saturday and very likely the beginning of the day on Sunday.

  • jcm

    I went to P St Whole Foods last night at about 5:30 to do my regular shopping for next week, and they had plenty of stock. The express line wrapped all the way around to the milk, but other than that it seemed pretty normal.

    • 16thSter

      I went to the Whole Foods P st this morning. 10x more customers, it’s usually empty at 8am. They pulled all available staff to bag and check out. Everyone was nice. They’re running short on broth and cheese pizza, but probably will restock later.

      • JohnH

        “Everyone was nice” – said nobody ever about people at P Street Whole Foods. But I’m assuming you’re referring to staff….
        I think I’d start crying tears of joy if someone actually said “sorry” when they rammed into me because they’re so oblivious.

        • Rich

          Was there late last night and the customers were the usual gang of entitled phone readers.

          • FridayGirl

            Hah! This is so true. I used to like Whole Foods when I lived in glover park. Now that I’ve moved I avoid the P St. location if at all possible. It’s the worst.

    • I stopped by the P Street Whole Foods around 9:30 last night. Far less crowded than it usually is around 5:30-6pm, but the express line stretched to the meat counter, which I’ve never seen happen before. Still very well-stocked, other than chicken. For some reason, those particular shelves looked devastated. Maybe it’s french toast for breakfast and fried chicken for lunch?

  • Did my shopping (Columbia Heights Giant) on my way home from work on Tuesday. No crowds, no lines, plenty of bread and milk and toilet paper. (But oddly enough, no onions.)

    • TX2DC

      Same. :-) They have been forecasting the possibility of this storm since late last week. I don’t get this hysteria.

      • FridayGirl

        I don’t get the hysteria for things that aren’t very perishable. But I saw people buying tons of fresh veggies at Trader Joe’s tuesday night and all I could think was “I hope you’re planning to go again because that’s going to be bad by Sunday and you’re going to be hungry.”

        • Anon

          What vegetables go bad in less than a week? They must not be storing them properly if that’s the case.

  • TX2DC

    Milk hoarders on the loose! I went to the store on Tuesday and stocked up on everything – so happy to avoid this s**t show.

  • Kukki Bakemono

    Went to the Harris Teeter on Potomac Ave yesterday after work and it was perfectly fine with fully stocked shelves. The lines were no longer or slower than usual and they had plenty of onions; which seems odd considering the apparent citywide onion shortage yesterday.

  • AMDCer

    Peapod FTW!!

  • Looks can be deceiving…WE HAVE PLENTY OF ICE MELT AND SHOVELS at both our Brookland and Petworth storms and more on the way. But don’t wait. I’m sure that we will be all out by tomorrow night!

    Be safe!


  • P7

    So glad I was able to change my flight and head to Miami this morning instead of Sunday. Great timing to tag along with my wife for her business trip!!

  • Smittty

    I was at the Streets Market on 14th just north of Florida Ave at noon today and they were fully stocked.


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