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“I ask all your readers who live nearby or use my store to be aware of their surroundings at all times”

by Prince Of Petworth January 7, 2016 at 12:05 pm 26 Comments

11th and Rhode Island Ave, NW via Logan Circle Laundromat

“Dear PoPville,

I am the owner of Logan Circle Laundromat (1100 Rhode Island Ave, NW) and I wanted to email you regarding changes that many Logan Circle residents should be aware of.

I took over the property and business five years ago. I’m sure many recall how unsightly the property was. After a year of renovation we have what you see today. The majority of feedback I’ve received from residences has been extremely positive and much appreciated. However, local residences and customers should be aware of recent changes.

A month ago Metro Laundromat located at 1400 Rhode Island Ave, NE closed down (large store open 24/7). Their property is under development and the laundromat will reopen, however until they do a majority of their customers have come to Logan Circle Laundromat. Since then my business has experienced an increase in problematic customers as well as loitering. Since Metro Laundromat closed down I’ve had a new customer break down and vandalize my bathroom. It cost me $1,400 in repairs. A few days later I had a new customer throw a rock at my storefront window. It cost me $300 in repairs.

My workers have also noticed an increase in loitering outside the store. I have done my best to remove loitering and solicitation off the property. Prior to me taking over the property/business illegal activity was the norm. It took several months but after working with MPD and being vigilante with security cameras I have been able to remove almost all illegal activity. However, I fear the influx of new customers could potentially increase crime and illegal activity not only for my store but for local residences and customers.

I ask all your readers who live nearby or use my store to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Thefts within my store have increased (smartphones, wallets, etc). Please call 911 if you see ANY suspicious activity. I’m grateful to have a good relationship with MPD who have assisted me with several incidences. It is my goal to keep Logan Circle Laundromat a safe and professional business for years to come. With a little help from local residents and customers I know this achievable.

Thank you,
Owner of Logan Circle Laundromat”

  • kbloomingdale

    Props to Henry for being proactive and an open owner with the community and customers in the area.

  • major props and yes, his property is well maintained and clean, which I appreciated when I was on that block.

  • No Bikes

    I use this place from time to time. The machines are really nice and are way faster than the shit machines in my building. There have been some sketchy people in there from time to time, but overall it’s a nice business to have in the area.

  • Truxton Thomas

    Nice to see this. I don’t know Henry, but I’ve certainly noticed improvements to the business over the years. We used to live around the corner and still use it to wash large blankets and comforters. We’ll continue doing business there and will be mindful of his advice. By the way, Henry’s a good name—our 18-month-old likes it quite well. :)

  • General Grant Circle

    Nice to hear his proactive efforts!

  • Timebomb

    In case anyone’s curious, it looks like that other Laundromat building is growing in size and turning into a 7-11 and Laundromat.

  • Frosty

    Props to Henry for being such a nice and responsible business owner. However, I have to say I’m a bit surprised — I would have thought that building and surface parking lot would have been up next to be bought out by a developer.

  • AmyM

    Major props to Henry. This is what it looks like when small business owners stand up for their customers and their community. Those of us in the neighborhood should honor his commitment by making a point to keep an eye on the place. (Myself included—laundromats are a necessity, and vigilant people like Henry are a beyond-huge asset to the city.)

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    1400 Rhode Island Ave *NE*? I’m amazed people are traveling 25 blocks for a laundromat!

    • Timebomb

      Not surprising. Both laundromats are directly on the same major artery and people are presumably driving with their laundry. Blocks aren’t really the appropriate unit in this case; they’re two miles apart.
      Also, there prob aren’t that many options.

      • oh2dc

        +1 – this one has a parking lot, too

        • ExWalbridgeGuy

          Classic projection bias on my part. Happily sold my car and went carfree a few years ago but I’d never give up living with a washer and dryer in-unit. 2 miles seems so far. (Would have guessed there were more laundromats than that though.)

          • Anon Spock

            There aren’t because must people likely have in unit or in building washer/dryer. All it takes is a washer or dryer breaking and you’ll be back among the common folk j/k

          • Timebomb

            Understandable. This is an example of how the script has sorta flipped on car-ownership and how it correlates with wealth. Not needing a car is facilitated by a relatively up-scale amenity. I too aspire to be car-free someday (i have a washer-dryer and basically always have, but I can’t make the math work on giving up my car for other reasons).

    • Anon Spock

      There aren’t many laundromats in DC, and this one is probably one of the nicest with fast machines.

  • Henry, you and your Laundromat and the staff there are the best! Just wanted you to know I appreciate you and your team and will continue to be a loyal customer.


  • say what

    nice to see a concerned business owner making some proactive changes and being part of the community. While it stinks for him to eat an additional cost, he may have to hire onsite security during the most problematic hours.

  • thedcyears

    Henry, thanks for posting this information. I am a customer and I appreciate your laundromat.

  • Q-Street

    Good lookin out Henry.

  • CC

    The 1400 RI, NE Metro Laundromat is also very nice. It’s quite large and open 24/7 which attracts people from a large radius. Sadly, they are not projected to re-open until summer with a new and improved facility and a 7/11 convenient store. I’m sure this is putting more of a demand on the Logan facility. It’s a shame that demand has led to problematic issues though.

  • BB

    Great business to have in the neighborhood. The staff is FANTASTIC.

  • Amber

    I know some of the neighbors of Metro were not a fan of the clientele, either, and are pissed that it’s coming back bigger, and still 24 hours. I did my laundry there for two years, before finally getting washer/dryer hookups installed in my basement, and people used to wonder why I did my laundry at like 1 AM on Friday night/Saturday morning – because it was the only time there wasn’t a hoard of teenagers stealing laundry baskets, or people trying to sell me phone cards, canned tuna, and the greatest (worst) offer ever: a dude tried to swap me a a 64 oz bottle of detergent for my smart phone.

    • AmyM

      Canned tuna?

      Come on, scam artists. We in the District have standards. Spam or GTFO.

    • Timebomb

      I bet the 7-11 will drive up police presence a bit, at least. Small consolation and no guarantee of improvement, though.

  • JadeinDC

    I echo the props to Henry. I’ve lived in the neighborhood for 6 years and want commend Henry for his request of his neighbors and professionalism. Support small business owners in our community helps everyone.

    I know the readers here skew to educated yuppies (and I am one, as a Hispanic female lawyer), so I’ll remind everyone who is commenting about the “drive” from the NE Rhode Island Laundromat that often the people who don’t have access to washer and dryers in their homes also do not have cars and have to take the bus to do their laundry. So the G8 is a good way to get to this essential business.

    I’m carless because of my nearly $700 student loan payment, but let’s take a minute to be grateful to those working hard to keep our community running, and they are often those who ride the bus and use laundromats.

    • FridayGirl

      THANK YOU. Not everyone can afford a car, and I’m sure those commenting above would find that they give up an in-unit washer and dryer pretty quickly if they suddenly found themselves without enough money to cover food/health insurance/etc.


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