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  • Anonymouse

    Somebody driving way too fast. I don’t know if the accident was avoidable but the flipped over car certainly was.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I won’t say we have the worst drivers here, but they’re certainly among the worst.

    • Rich

      You haven’t lived in Nashville, Atlanta, or the State of Indiana. i have seen spectacular accidents in these places and narrowly missed their consequences. There used to a crash weekly (usually on a Monday) outside my window in Nashville around 7:00pm on Mondays for about 2 months straight–no traffic, just poor driving.

      • Dogg

        I drove through Tennessee once on whatever that main road you can do like 75mph is and saw three crashes. Near Nashville, it started to rain and the mustang in front of me’s front end picked up like a Nascar and it just started spinning into the mountain side. Craziest thing I’ve seen. I pulled over and ran back. The lady was in shock and her legs may have been damaged, but it was hard to tell because the car was twisted metal and trapped her in. She seemed to be in decent condition. Was pretty large and I think it helped keep her in place.

      • soozles

        I grew up in Nashville and generally agree. However, I do notice that when I go back, the drivers are a little more polite (southern thang) and will let you in when you signal to change lanes or merge into traffic. Nashville also has little to no public transit, and the traffic there can be as awful as what we see here.

    • ET

      I don’t know. I was visiting family in New Orleans over Christmas and the red light running was worse than it is here and most of them weren’t the getting the tail end of a yellow light running but a flat out ignoring the red light running.

      • Quotia Zelda

        Oh yes, the red light running in New Orleans is awful. Also, if someone points into your lane in New Orleans, best make room because they’re coming in whether your car is there or not.

      • TJ

        Ditto, New Orleans today reminds me of DC in the 1980s, 90s. Lack of police presence and broken city management lead to a lawless feel that stretched from serious crime to smaller traffic violations. DC still has its share of chaos but it isn’t the same as 25 years ago.

        • DC and NOLA Resident


          I moved to NOLA in 1996. Right when DC handed the “Murder Capital” crown to the big easy. In the 1st week I was in town NOPD made it know that they were no longer enforcing traffic law due to lack of manpower and budget.

          Queue a few years of watching people pull up next to cops at lights, take a swig out of their beers, and then peel out through the red.

          Also, NOPD told us students *not* to stop at red lights in certain areas. Fun times.

  • jaybird

    What? Flipping a car? I do that all the time….

  • sproc

    Check your tire pressures! Speeding or not, it’s really, really hard to flip a modern vehicle in good repair, even an SUV. Proper tire pressure makes a huge difference in stability.

    • FridayGirl

      Actually this is a great point given the really cold weather we’ve been having recently, which can apparently affect the air in your tires (?? I admit I know nothing about cars but I’ve heard that before.)

      • Anon

        Yes, gas (and atoms in general) contracts in cold temperatures

        • Yes, that’s right. Aside from the fact that tires leak air over time, the difference between 80 degrees in the summer and 20 degrees now is meaningful – colder gases are at lower temperatures, and you can easily lose 5 psi from the summer pressure. Underinflated tires grip worse, wear worse, stop worse…it’s worth 2 minutes of cold fingers and a few quarters to get it right.

      • sproc

        The pressure of a gas is directly proportional to temperature, so yes, the cold weather can make a big difference. Proper tire pressure is critical for stability, traction, braking and even tire wear.

        • Or I could have just said +1.

          • elbeech

            How about a +1 to the “probably speeding through our neighborhoods.” Tire pressure alone doesn’t cause a car to flip

    • petworther

      “even an SUV”
      Actually most SUVs flip much easier than sedans because of their high center of gravity. Accident statistics typically show SUVs and pickups as being the most dangerous cars on the road, and lists of dangerous cars typically are composed mostly of SUVs and a few compacts – made dangerous only by the presence of so many SUVs on the road. Of course it’s hard to differentiate between the inherent danger of the vehicle and the selection effect (i.e. the fact that SUVs are driven largely by morons).

      • Truxton Thomas

        You’re both saying the same thing (that it’s easier to flip an SUV than a car).

      • madmonk28

        I think that was his point, “it’s really, really hard to flip a modern vehicle in good repair, even an SUV.”

        When I see accidents like this in the middle of the block, I try to figure out what happened, was he driving too fast and someone darted out, or reading texts, or what?

  • textdoc

    Is that an SUV? Don’t they flip a lot more easily than cars?

  • Joe

    Just looks like Sunday church parking to me. #MarylandDrivers

  • eyewitness

    The strangest part to me is that as the car is lying on its side, it is in reverse… Don’t know if the accident knocked it that way, but that seems unlikely? (and yes, Maryland driver)…

  • Explain

    I have never lived anywhere where cars flip over or crash this often. I spent some time in places that qualify as “third world”- no paved roads, no traffic signs, no speed limits, and cars on average 15 years old or older. And even here cars would flip over, crash into buildings, or bust into flames far less often than in DC.

    • Rich

      Have lived in the 3rd world and traveled to many places and frankly I’d rather be driving than Bangkok or Amman, to name just two fairly lethal places.

      • Anon

        Amman is miserable for driving, but not lethal. No one drives fast enough for serious damage, just a ton of fender benders. Try the Gulf, where pedestrians play frogger as you’re driving 120.

  • eyewitness

    also, as far as I could tell, there were no serious injuries… I saw a guy climb out the passenger side window and he looked like he was fine…

  • Perhaps someone is just trying to get ahead of the upcoming snow storm?


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