• Emmaleigh504

    Love that number plate.

  • Aglets

    Just out of curiousity, what kind of jobs do people have that they can afford an over $3000/month rent? That is $800 more than double what I’m paying now for a 1br.

    Why did I major in art :(

    • Anon

      “Why did I major in art” …

    • anon

      Pretty easy for a couple of gs12s or 13s. Don’t think art majors can compete.

    • That does seem really high for a 1BR, even if it is larger than many 2BR in this city.

    • textdoc

      You’re paying only $1100/month for a one-bedroom? That sounds like a good deal (if my math is correct… I’m a little sleepy this morning).

      • textdoc

        Oops… I misread “an over $3000/month rent” as “a $3000/month rent.” I see from the actual listing that it’s $3300/month.

        • textdoc

          Still, $1250/month for a one-bedroom isn’t bad (though obviously it depends somewhat on the neighborhood).

          • Aglets

            I moved in at $1100/month capitol hill.. now it’s $1332 Rent controlled building but the management is lackluster at best. My view is insanely good tho. And the closets are big. But you have to be down for handwashing your dishes, no garbage disposal and a finicky elevator.

    • FacePalm

      That’s almost $1300 a month than I pay for a non-basement 1bd/1ba with w/d and deck basically next door to this place. That’s a pretty high price for one bedroom which appears to be in the basement.

      Sadly, I know who can afford it though, and if there’s a buyer there’s a seller.

  • ET

    I don’t know what that interior looked like before but that interior looks like a flipper special and doesn’t look like anything particularly special excepted updated (nothing to sneeze at of course).


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