• Blithe

    I’ve got turret-envy. And wrap-around porch envy.

  • Wow, a lot of this woodwork is in desperate need of repair. Doesn’t look like it’s been painted or weather treated in decades.

    • textdoc

      Yeah — this house really needs some upkeep. The woodwork above the column on the corner of the porch looks like it’s in bad shape.

    • Mary Kate

      Oddly, this house was featured on the cover of a local magazine (maybe the Washingtonian?) from the mid aughts, and was in amazing shape. The same issue had a story about Heller’s Bakery, and they had it framed and hanging on their wall. I was shocked how quickly the house went from amazing shape to needing quite a bit of maintenance. However, the family that lives there seems very pleasant. They always wave and say hello when I walk by and they are out on their porch.

      • That was a serious controversy because the magazine cover photoshopped the house – it was not in amazing shape at that time either.

        • Mary Kate

          That’s really interesting. I had no idea.

  • Count Pheasant

    I’ve always loved this house. I kind of even love how it’s defiantly shabby compared to nearby homes. It feels like a story book.

  • anonymous

    I live around the corner from this festering dump that appears as if it might collapse at any moment. It’s a superb example of urban blight and decay and I wish the owners would sell it to someone who might actually take care of it, because clearly the either can’t or won’t do so.


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