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Former Council Member Jim Graham: “I now feel it is time for me to again engage , as a businessman and neighbor, with issues of concern to me in DC…So I’m having a special NO admission charge on tomorrow Tuesday Jan 26 for those persons who may enjoy such entertainment”

by Prince Of Petworth January 26, 2016 at 1:30 pm 29 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Adam Fagen

Former Ward One Council Member Jim Graham’s breaks his self imposed silence on the LeDroit Park listserv:

“I have followed closely the actions and messages on the blizzard and its consequences by Mayor Bowser and Councilmember Nadeau. They are to be commended for all of what they are doing .

After 16 years of service as your councilmember, I intentionally stepped back these past 12 months. Some of you know I have other endeavors. I’m on the board of a homeless substance-abuse recovery program and I hope to be soon engaged with immigrant issues. Naturally I also plan to be engaged with the LGBT concerns. And I did start a successful adults-only business on Georgia Avenue.

It is all quite a change for me. Not having as much contact with Ward One friends has been the hardest part.

I now feel it is time for me to again engage , as a businessman and neighbor, with issues of concern to me in DC.

What I am about to say is obviously not for everyone~~~but i know there are many LGBTQ persons 21 and over who live in our area. Cabin fever is running very high. So I’m having a special NO admission charge on tomorrow Tuesday Jan 26 for those persons who may enjoy such entertainment. See www.rockharddc.com for details.

Stay warm~~and please help those who aren’t,

Jim Graham”

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I love the dirty Elton John impersonation he does at the club. And now everybody can see it for free!

  • Guillermo Brown

    So a shameless self-promotion of his business on the list serv? Why all the homeless substance abuse and LGBT talk?

  • wdc

    There is something so surreal about Graham. Like if he were a character in a novel, he wouldn’t be a believable one.

    • LittleBluePenguin

      He’s like a caricature of a caricature!

  • JM

    The sad thing is, I wish he had been re-elected rather than Nadeau.

    • D


      • E

        Not necessarily that he be re-elected, but rather that Nadeau has done a very poor job at maintaining the office. Her motto of affordable housing and transparent government for all has been a complete farce. The work for affordable housing was already in motion before she took office, and she does a very poor job at communicating with the residents of Ward 1 with the ongoing actions and possible resolutions. You would think someone who has worked in public relations would know how to market themselves.
        Bottom line, she is completely inexperienced and does not know how to manage her office well. I mean, she has about 2 people for constituent services for what … something upwards of 76,000 residents?! I don’t see her being re-elected in 2018 unless she can do a complete 180.

        • Anonymous

          I’m neither here nor there with her, but I’ve received 3 very informative emails from her regarding the snow since Friday, which most reasonable people would consider pretty darn good communication.

          • E

            You’re referring to 3 emails that was most likely drafted by the mayors office, then reworded. But for arguments sake, let’s say she did write it word for word. Where are all the communications regarding everything else involved in Ward 1? In relations to crime, she is practically mute. What happened to her “safety walks”? Is she so busy that she, or her staff, can’t draft up a quick, to the point email?
            Her latest email she even seems to try and belittle the people who expressed their concerns as, “Not so polite”. Guess what? A civil servant is not all glamour shots and praise. The few times she does tweet or facebook, it’s only the “thanks for coming to support us CM BN”. I have sat in several meetings, some open, some closed to the public where she doesn’t offer any respectable possible solutions. At best you hear, “I’ll have to look into that”. One particular night, she was at three meetings back to back, in which I was present at all three. She was late to every one, even though I left at the same time she did, and arrived before she did (keep in mind she can park wherever she wants). It’s disrespectful to be as late as she was. But that’s beside the point. In the latter two of the three meetings she did not perform well what so ever. Did she tweet or facebook any of what happened in those meetings? You bet she didn’t. And her tweet for the first meeting was somewhere along the lines of, “I’m here at a community meeting to solve issues!” (spoiler alert, she didn’t solve anything and barely participated aside from taking the occasional note), but hey, at least she showed up on time.

            Look, I’m not trying to persuade your opinion of her. That’s up to you as an adult (or mature kid) to decide upon yourself. I’m merely presenting what I’ve witnessed.

        • “You would think someone who has worked in public relations would know how to market themselves.”
          She got elected didn’t she? I would say that’s pretty effective marketing. How often is the sandwich you buy at Wendy’s as impressive as the commercial?

          • E

            You’re right, poor choice of wording. When I said market herself, I meant that she’s barely trying to make her office look good. And what little spin she’s doing is barely public relations 101. This is stuff you should learn as a walk of life.
            It’s basically what everyone does I their resume, except her “resume” (Her freshman year in office) is a living resume.
            Also, to retort on your “she got elected didn’t she” statement, she only won because Brian Weaver decided not to run. Otherwise her votes would have been split and Graham would have won. (Not saying I was a fan of his.)
            Basically, she’s not going to win re-election unless she starts becoming the role she was elected for, and not acting. There are others who have far more knowledge than her and proven track records.
            (Please excuse any spelling/auto correct mistakes as I wrote this on my phone)

      • JM

        Exactly. Zero constituent service from Nadeau, just a myopic concentration on maximizing affordable housing.

      • D

        I still prefer Nadeau. Thanks for the responses. Not convincing.

        • Anon

          Over Graham? Me too. But only because I have a strong personal and professional animosity toward him. Over someone else? Depending on the candidate likely not. She’s way too deferential toward the administration when it comes to constituent services (“They’re working hard” is often what you hear from her office when anyone in the administration drops the ball.) I don’t know that she understands what it means to be a ward councilmember vs at-large, nor do I think she gets the importance of individual acts of constituent services vs large policy issues.

    • say what

      Me too. Brianne is a flop. She isn’t showing any leadership on key issues like crime or park morton (she sits in the back of the room and doesn’t say a word). She is a one trick pony-low income housing everyone is all she wants. Luckily there is already talk of a competitor should she run a again.

      • D

        What would you like her to do about crime, specifically?

        • wdc

          You lose internet points when you ask non-professionals what, “specifically”, the professionals responsible for solving the problem in question should do. It’s her job, not ours.
          Doctor: “What specifically would you like me to do about your gunshot wound?”
          See how that doesn’t work?

          • Anonymous

            Okay, then, what, generally, would you like her to be doing about crime that she isn’t doing?

          • D

            What can an individual council member do to effectively reduce crime then?

          • Put on a cape and mask!

          • dcd

            “Okay, then, what, generally, would you like her to be doing about crime that she isn’t doing?”
            Much like the doctor/gunshot wound scenario, I want her to come up with a plan to address a worsening situation, tell us what it is, make sure she has the resources to implement it, implement it, monitor its effectiveness, and revise it as needed.
            You seem to imply that it’s inappropriate or unreasonable to ask or expect elected officials to take steps to address what many perceive to be a significant problem in DC. I really don’t understand that position.

    • textdoc

      I supported Nadeau over Graham, but have been disappointed with her performance in office — particularly, her less-than-helpful constituent services rep.

  • IDontGetIt

    Has anyone actually been to this place? If I wanted Non-Stop Performances – Sexy Guys – Diverse & Friendly – Three Lighted Stages – Intimate Setting – Two Bars – Comfortable Seating – VIP Section – Laser Lights & Mist – Low Lights – I’d stay home and watch “Magic Mike.”

    • Reality

      So then stay home and watch Magic Mike. Not really sure the reason for your comment.

      • I Dont Get It

        Just to let you know I won’t be there. Do you need to borrow some ones?

    • INDC

      “Low Lights” Love how this is included as an enticement.

      • annonny

        I’m hooked on the “Laser Lights & Mist.” Can’t get that just anywhere!

  • Jimthephotographer

    It’s creepy that he’s advertising a strip club on a listserv for his former ward.

  • textdoc

    I felt kind of sad for Jim Graham when I saw this e-mail, in a “How the mighty have fallen” way… though it was rather a bait-and-switch on his part to send out an e-mail that starts as though its going to address bona fide “issues of concern,” only to turn into a commercial pitch.


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