• textdoc

    I don’t understand… from the menu, it looks like the Creation Crepe is identical to the Banana Crepe, except with the option to add strawberries for an additional 75 cents.
    Or does the Creation Crepe _not_ have powdered sugar and chocolate sauce?

  • madmonk28

    Wow, that was fast.

  • RyanD

    Does anyone have any idea of the hours? When I wandered by yesterday, the biggest challenge was determining that they had, in fact, opened. It looks exactly how it has looked for the past 2 months.

    • G. Willikers

      I asked the owner when I stopped in and he said they open at 7. Like you said, though, no actual hours posted.

  • My word: $9 for a crepe?!? Crepes are street food (it’s the ultimate – and sometimes only – grab-and-go meal in Paris), so it boggles the mind that a fully-filled savory crepe is over $9 after tax. The same thing in its land of origin would run around $5-6, at most, and you get a big crepe that’s full of excellent fillings.

    Oh well – guess the restaurateurs need to pay the rent, but the prices do seem a bit on the high side.

  • Enpetworth

    We stopped in after seeing the lights on a few weeks ago, coincidentally on their first day, and while our crepe was tasty it was sad to see a brand new business with brand new lazy Susan set up. It looked like a check cashing place, not a place to grab a $7 crepe and coffee. I think the prices are high here and a few other stops on this stretch because unlike downtown DC or more established walking neighborhood routes, you can’t as easily rely on foot traffic. Drop the crepes by a dollar, create a more welcoming atmosphere and social media the pants off this place and you’ll have a winner, otherwise I give this place 6 months sadly


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