• Kind of reminds me of the “Frodo Lives” graffiti from the 70’s – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frodo_Lives!

  • Joe C

    Rude, but a creative way to be rude – so kinda funny.

    Depending on when this went up and assuming its not near a theater, then it’s a chuckle. If you didn’t see Star Wars on opening weekend, then you probably don’t care anyways…

    • BMouse

      I saw it over Christmas, a relatively casual viewer, and I would have been annoyed if this showed up on my block a couple weeks ago. Wouldn’t have been sure whether to believe it or not.

  • Anonamom

    All the kids went and saw it with their respective other parents, and then promptly ruined it for us. Apparently, we have not raised them right after all.

  • Gumball


  • Anonomnom

    Obviously, it is rude for so many reasons, but can people legitimately still legitimately complain about Star Wars spoilers? It has been out long enough!

    • Anonymous Coward

      two weekends is the limit to be taken seriously when somebody gets up about spoilers!

    • Alan

      There is really no reason to discuss or post spoilers. Anyone who cannot discuss a movie without mentioning a major plot point probably should not be discussing movies. And spray painting a major plot point on a wall is ridiculous.

  • Alex

    The image shows up in its entirety in my Feedly. I’ve seen the movie, but this post is going to spoil everybody who uses an RSS reader and hasn’t seen the movie.

    • AG

      If you care that much about the movie to be pissed about spoilers, you’ve most likely seen it by now.

      • Spoiled.

        I don’t get angry about spoilers, but still have tried to avoid them. It’s not the eaisest getting to the movie theater with a one-year old. This post viewed through Feedly definitely spoiled it for me. Not ideal although not angry.

        • that sucks!

          i feel your pain! i have two kids under three, and got a family member to babysit (a rare feat) specifically to see star wars over christmas break.


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