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  • AnonV2

    Please call the office and ask what prompted the letter. Somebody could be trying to scam you (quit claim deed, etc.)

    • Teha Kennard

      Thanks- I will!

    • textdoc

      Agreed with AnonV2.

  • bpw

    Yikes I got a letter like that too and was wondering why.

  • James

    I received a letter like this. I went to the tax office in person, I was told that they did not know who sent it or for what reason. I was told to disregard the letter.

  • Can’t read anything in the photos – can you tell us what it says?

  • gg

    I got the same letter, and was afraid it was a scam. But I verified all the associated information and called – they just said to ignore the boxes and confirm my address.

    • jdm

      same thing here – turns out, they still had the previous owner’s out-of-state address on file for the lot, even though I’ve owned my condo for almost two years now (and filed for homestead when i purchased)… didn’t check any of the boxes but updated the address.

  • hma

    The first few lines are:

    “In mber t nphuw mr mmmmls, plcccs cumplete this humm and maal it to the Offmem ot Tux and Ratanue.
    E123 th Street NW, Suite M11 Washington DC 200043 aftc Monga $ Tillx Newfonm or fax it to
    2h2 443 4796

    Thnkk ynn u oducann too ywer cemmedeme. If you hang addotnnal qweweetons, pkowuo do wwn limmmti to
    cnontact for Cautmort Nerivwhj Brghtil T….”

    Can’t read the rest.

    • Tim

      Hmm…I see. Which is better now? #1 or #2? #1…. #2….?

  • K

    Last year when I was applying for the Homestead deduction on my house I had to fill that form out. OTR still had my old apartment address on file even though I had owned and lived in my house for 6 months. The Homestead Deduction lady told me to just fill in my current address and to ignore the checked boxes. She said the form was a standard for pretty much all programs and there for didn’t really apply in all circumstances.

    Like others have said you should call and ask what was up. For me it was an easy fix to get their files to match reality.

  • Anonymous

    I received this letter a few weeks ago. I checked the “throw letter away” box.

  • tom

    As another commenter said, it’s likely related to the Homestead Deduction which, according to the OTR website, is currently claimed on this property. However, the owner’s mailing address on the same OTR website (and PIVS) is listed as Arlington, which is a discrepancy that probably caused the red flag (you’re not supposed to get the homestead deduction if you don’t live there). I’m guessing you moved out for a while and then moved back in?

  • annnny

    This is one of the most incompetent offices in DC government. I have been trying for two years to get them to send my tax bill to the house I purchased and live in and pay taxes on. I have changed my address using the form at least 4 times and, every six months the bill goes to my old address. I have emailed and called and emailed and called. Will see what happens come tax time this year I guess.

    • Q-Street

      OTR is the biggest mess across departments. They randomly rescinded my homestead deduction this year, and after multiple calls and e-mails I finally got verbal confirmation that the letter was sent to me in error. Multiple requests to confirm this in writing (or even respond in an e-mail) were ignored, so I guess I’ll take their word for it until I see the next tax bill. The OTR personal tax office has also been withholding hundreds of dollars from my 2013 tax deduction due to a glitch in their system that they acknowledged. After dozens of e-mails and more than a year since they identified the problem, they issued – not a check for the funds – but a credit for me to take on my 2015 taxes. So my refund will get to me 2 years overdue.


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