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Washington Sports Club on Capitol Hill Now a Balance Gym

by Prince Of Petworth December 4, 2015 at 12:30 pm 13 Comments

214 D Street, SE courtesy Balance Gym

From a press release:

“Balance Gym is excited to announce it will open its fourth full service fitness facility in Washington, D.C., in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Balance Gym has signed a deal to assume management of the club that is currently operating as a Washington Sports Club, located at 214 D Street SE. On December 1, the doors will reopen as Balance Gym Capitol Hill.

“I am extremely excited to bring our distinct brand of fitness to one of the nations most recognizable neighborhoods,” said Mark Crick, founder and owner of Balance Gym. “Over the past 10 years, our company has been steadily building a strong foundation to support growth. This foundation is pillared by our unwavering commitment to our core beliefs of hiring and retaining the best staff and of creating an athletic community that is fun, not intimidating, and focused on results.”

This location has a long and rich history operating as a health and fitness center for more than 30 years. It first opened on February 16, 1981, as the Capitol Hill Squash Club, and the renowned actress Elizabeth Taylor was there to cut the ribbon. Since then, the gym has evolved into a full service fitness facility catering to the Capitol Hill neighborhood’s abundant local residents, government staffers, and office workers.

Balance Gym recognizes there are many long-standing members of the gym who have supported the business over the years, and it will focus on making the transition smooth and positive. The gym will remain open in full as Balance begins with improving the member experience and classes, based on member surveys and its know-how of turning outdated gyms into modern, fun, and community-focused functional training hubs.”

  • Anon

    Uhh, WTF!? I live on the Hill and regularly use this gym as a WSC passport member and was NOT notified that I would no longer have a gym within 2 miles of my home. Anyone else taken by surprise on this? What are we supposed to do?

    • andy2

      I’m a Balance Member and I was notified at least a month ago. Way to go WSC.

    • They had fliers at the front desk and the front desk people told me the first time I came in at the beginning of November so…

      Your membership, if your home gym is this gym, may transfer over to a Balance membership, however.

      • Anon

        I guess I failed to notice the fliers. Now that I see the Balance ads, I think I recognize them, but I think I read them as oh, look, a new gym option, and not, HEY, YOU, WSC MEMBER, YOUR GYM ACCESS IS GOING AWAY. No one said anything to me about it. You would think they would shoot an email or send a mailing to members with 20002 zip codes or who, you know, have scanned their card there 10+ times in the last month. You would think.

        My “home gym” is elsewhere, because like a lot of people, I have moved at least once since I first moved to DC and, since I was paying for a passport membership, I didn’t care.

        The employees have been really nice, including trying to backdate my cancellation, but I feel like this is going to result in a collections battle.

        • anon

          I work out at this facility in the mornings. The first time I went in November they gave me a flier, and told me the website to go to for questions. It was pretty easy to access the info that if this wasn’t your home WSC you would lose the membership. Balance waived my join fee when I switched over. I actually thought the whole process was pretty smooth given what a cluster it is to deal with WSC usually.

          • Anon

            The employees must be more on their game in the morning; I go in the late evenings or weekends. I sometimes chat with the people at the desk, but didn’t hear a peep and wasn’t handed a flier. I’m usually pretty observant, this one totally slipped past me. I wonder if there are a lot of others who have been/will be surprised.

            Balance is asking for $10 more for access to solely this gym than I paid for access to this same gym 5 days ago, plus all other WSC/NYSC/BSC/PSC. LOL. Work gym it is I guess.

    • Danielle

      As a WSC member, I received an email a couple weeks ago (maybe a full month?). I believe it said nothing is changing for members though.

  • Thomas

    Why don’t any gyms in DC have racquetball courts? It’s an injustice I tell you.

    • Thunder

      The Results gym in SE has a racquetball court.

  • bruno

    I love that building.

  • WSC did a really terrible job notifying people about the change. I joined Nov. 1, went to the gym soon after, and was informed at the front desk that it would soon become a Balance. Thanks, WSC! Am also not pleased that Balance won’t honor WSC passport memberships — to be able to go to other Balance gyms, we’ll have to pay more, even though our previous memberships (WSC) were passport.

    I hope they make some improvements, though, like bigger towels and wider shower curtains.

    • Danielle

      Yes to the wider shower curtains!!!!

  • #UpgradeUpgrade

    This sounds like a win to me. Balance is a much better experience than WSC, I assure you. Maybe not dozens of locations, but they now have four — all of which are great places. The one in the middle of the block in Thomas Circle may be my favorite tucked-away places in the city. Where else can you do sled pulls on the roof?


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