84°Mostly Cloudy
  • The OP Anon

    Woah, that’s a big one. It’s probably been dead for a while? Which, unfortunately, means DDOT has not been thoroughly inspecting. It’s not windy outside.

    • Anon Spock

      Maybe true, but it was very windy when I stepped out outside 15 mins ago.

    • wdc

      It was crazy windy this morning. Gusting well over 25mph, at a guess.

      • Nathan

        My alley sounded like a wind tunnel.

    • simit

      That’s not true – dead trees can stand for a long time (particularly if they no longer have leaves to provide a “sail”) and perfectly healthy trees can fall in a strong wind.

  • aed228

    May have died/fallen over from natural causes, not everything is a result of someone ‘not doing their jobs’.

    • ustreetmayor

      +1. My thoughts exactly!!!!!


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