• Thought

    Chicken bones up and down the sidewalk in 3-2-1…

  • Guillermo Brown

    Hide ya kids, hide yo wife, cause they rapin’ everybody up in here (with chicken bones and trash)

  • Anon

    I won’t be patronizing this place. Shameful that the ANC did nothing. No community agreement. No accountability. The ANC was asleep at the switch and now we’re stuck with this. Not happy.

    • The only time an ANC has any leverage is when there is a liquor license or a zoning variance/special exception for which the DC government is legally bound to give Great Weight (which is a technical, legal term defined by law) to the ANC’s advice. Beyond that, the ANC can’t do anything except ask nicely.

  • [rrrrr]

    Can someone explain the 7-11 hate, beyond the classist/racist tones it’s imbued with? Like, a 7-11 just opened up on 14th and Florida and there’s been no apocalypse on that block. The only thing I’ve noticed walking by every day is that there’s almost always a cop stopped to get coffee. Hardly seems like a there-goes-the-neighborhood moment.

    • And what’s the deal with dog parks?

    • textdoc

      In some neighborhoods, convenience stores result in a lot of litter.
      Personally, I’d rather have a 7-Eleven than a plexiglass-cashiered mini-mart that’s open only during the daytime and may or may not be selling synthetic marijuana. But ANY kind of convenience store is going to result in litter.

    • StayingOutOfThis

      In a nutshell, the hatred of 7-11s stems from a belief they bring forth the presence of vagrants and litter that offends certain members of our community.

  • Debra

    I was pretty upset when I found out there was a 7-11 coming around the corner (I live on Spring). Why not a good coffee shop, right? They opened their doors today with little fan fare. Yesterday we had coupons put on our doors for various free drinks/food. Today I stopped by to check it out with my grand daughter. She used a free coupon for a slurpie. When we got to the register the worker was handing us a coupon not realizing she had one already. Then asked if we got some cookies…no I said the slurpie is enough. “No, no, let me get you some for later.” and out we walked with a bag of three cookies to her delight! They seem like very nice people trying to start and run a new business. Let’s give them a chance and see how it goes. Our street is already filled with various papers from Popeye’s, empty water bottles, booze bottles, candy wrappers, used take out containers and of course used condoms. Let’s not blame 7-11 for the litter problem that has been here for the 8 years I have lived here.

    So lets give them a chance. 7-11 isn’t really the problem it is the slobs who feel that our city streets are their personal garbage cans.

    • Litter picker upper

      I pick up litter everyday. Please, help and pick up when you see it. Thanks!

  • mitchgant

    I was also kinda bummed, because I really liked the couple who used to run the bodega on the corner of 14th & Spring (New Dodge Market I think). But when 7-Eleven announced they were coming, the older owners sold and the new management of that place is terrible. Hopefully the 7-Eleven will convince the other businesses in the area to sell better products (things 7-Eleven would not carry) and then we can have the best of both worlds.

    Having more cops around that corner stopping in for coffee late at night would probably not be a bad thing either.


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