The old “change for a $20.00 bill” scam gets violent with a Stabbing in Mount Pleasant

by Prince Of Petworth December 30, 2015 at 9:45 am 14 Comments

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From MPD:

“On December 30, 2015, at approximately 2:30 A.M., Fourth District officers received a 911 call for a stabbing in the 3100 block of Mount Pleasant Street, NW. After canvassing the area, officers eventually located the victim. The victim reported that, after a verbal argument with an unknown male suspect who asked him if he had change for a $20.00 bill, the suspect stabbed him in the right leg with a small knife. The suspect then fled northbound on Mount Pleasant Street, NW. The victim further reported that the offense occurred at approximately 12:37 A.M.

The Fourth District is asking anyone with information about this offense to contact the MPD Command Information Center at 202-727-9099.”

  • textdoc

    I wonder if MPD misreported on the “change for a $20” wording. The scam typically involves someone asking if he can give you two $10s in exchange for your $20, not someone who has a $20 seeking to break it down into smaller bills.

    • Krampus

      MPD’s statement looks pretty clear, it seems like PoP is making the assumption that it’s the “$20 scam”.

  • Mo’ Money

    Yesterday morning at the Farragut West Metro, an older, seemingly homeless-looking man, asked me if I had a $20 for two $10s. Glad I walked passed him to catch a *miracle* blue line train that was coming into the station.

  • madmonk28

    My policy when approached by someone I don’t know in public is to slow down, but never stop moving towards my destination and never, ever take anything they are trying to hand me. So they get a second to make their pitch, if it’s “can you tell me what stop I need to take to get to..,” I’ll stop and help them out, but if it’s “I have some speakers in the trunk of my car…,” it’s just keep walking.

    • LittleBluePenguin

      +1 – This is a very good policy!

      • madmonk28

        Although I did stop one time to give a Metro beggar some pointers. He was eating chicken wings on the platform and asked me for some money “so he could get something to eat.” I helpfully pointed out that if he was going beg for money for food, maybe he shouldn’t be eating food while doing his begging. He didn’t say so, but I’m sure he appreciated the input. I’m a difference maker.

  • I ran into the “2 10s for a 20” man in the chinatown metro. I took a picture of him and texted it to metro police. They said they were on their way.


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