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  • Of course it impairs you, that’s the entire point of the drug. These arguments are always comical.

    • Anonamom

      I believe the ad is targeted towards teenagers, especially considering the organizations listed (LAYC is an awesome community orgnization geared towards kids and teens). I am far from anti-drug, especially marijuana, however, studies have shown that the younger you smoke the greater the impact it has on your brain. If your brain is still “growing”, it’s not good to smoke pot. Now, if I had a choice between my teens smoking or drinking, I would take smoking any day of the week, but I do get the message they are trying to send. Ridiculous or not, there is truth to it.

      • There’s definitely truth to it, I think it’s a totally valid ad. I just always find it funny when people try to argue this fact. Like the ones who say they can work while stoned, drive, etc. Sure, you might be ABLE to, but it doesn’t mean you’re doing it well. You are most definitely impaired, otherwise, what’s the point?

  • Anon

    “Mary Jane”

    Reggie? Is that slang now too?? I thought I was down.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      Yeah, man, you’re not down, man. Me and the boys are gonna smoke a fat Reggie after school, man.

      • Elvis’s Mom

        Heh. To put it bluntly.

    • The OP Anon

      Reggie? I think that’s the cousin of smoking a Jeffrey. Don’t mess with the Jeffrey.

    • alkebulan

      Reggie just means “regular” weed. With all the advanced strains of indica and sativa out on the streets now, reggie just means the normal low grade grass your grand dad used to partake in.

  • AnotherBdaleResident

    I don’t partake, but I actually kind of like Kush as a name for a dog.


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