• JohnH

    If more places were like this, I’d maybe have interest in going out on NYE. Too many overrated experiences later, I’m all for staying in.

  • dennynova

    They’re not the only ones.
    Nellie’s Sports Bar as well.

    • AG

      +1 There are quite a few non-douchey places. Most of your usual dives (and quite a few other bars) are going to be open as usual and will probably do a champagne toast and have a few specials going. I’ve done NYE at Molly Malone’s, Tune Inn, and Sticky Rice. Call ahead and check, but otherwise, just show up, grab a spot with some friends, and celebrate. I also went to Tico for dinner last year and just stayed til midnight. Their set menu was much more reasonable than most and they had all the party hats and such to put everyone in the mood.

  • Yeah man, screw all those cool people doing their cool stuff, give me something crappy and generic like every other day of the year!

    • Chareth Cutestory

      Hahaha. “Cool people doing their cool stuff.”

      • Anon

        Not everyone can afford a high cover on nye and some folks don’t need to be out with all the cool people doing their cool stuff at night. So, it seems pretty cool for cool people.

    • Anon

      NYE is widely known as amateur night, so this is actually appealing to those who know what they are doing.

      • The OP Anon

        Amateur night indeed. We are doing dinner in the neighborhood two other couples and having about 12 people back to our place starting at 9. I’ve got specialty cocktails and finger foods already purchased and ready to go!


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