• Ryan

    The owner of Jimmy John’s is a big game hunter and a racist, and they treat their employees like garbage. Non-compete clauses for minimum wage work. No way I’m ever buying a sandwich from them.

    • Ally


    • IDontGetIt

      I’ve never been impressed with their food, anyway.

      • phl2dc


      • Anon

        Ditto. I could make the same sandwiches at home with minimal effort.

    • anon

      +1,000 And some of their locations have retaliated against workers attempting to organize.

    • Franchisee

      As a small business owner/ franchisee (for a different brand), it frustrates me that the general public doesn’t connect the dots that franchised locations (likely like this JJ’s mentioned above) are independently owned businesses that have their own employee policies and practices (re: big game hunting and non-compete clause). To slander a small business owner that is busting his/her hump and creating jobs in DC because of the unacceptable actions of an irresponsible individual whose only relation to that specific store is the sign on the wall is beyond me.

      • So you’re saying not every Subway has a Jared greeting the kids?

      • Blithe

        I’m not clear how a small business owner has been slandered here. If someone chooses to buy into a franchise, I’m guessing that part of this decision may be based on the potential to benefit from such things as customer familiarity with the products and positive characteristics associated with the brand. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there might be negative characteristics also associated with the brand that will be associated with individual businesses that represent that brand.

  • say what

    So where is the change.org petition against the store. I know the good folks of Tenley are very concerned about ChikFila coming in because it was “unhealthy” but Jimmy Johns is ok?

  • Nobody in Tenleytown is happy to see this place open except maybe AU and WIlson/Deal students.

  • DF

    Don’t forget Georgetown Day kids. They don’t even have a cafe at their fancy school so they eat off campus. Pete’s is usually a sh*t show every day for 20min when they come to eat.
    I’m sure they’re happy about JJs opening.

  • Pablo1

    Every single location I see is always empty. Food is ehhhh. Bad rep as an employer… Blow’s my mind how they stay open and are still expanding.


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