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  • Gene

    It appears the comical and eye popping growth of the the cupcake places that took over in all a rage starting about 6 years ago is coming to an end. What a weird and short lived retail phenomenon.

    • Jondo

      Agreed, it was very interesting. Me thinks soulcycle, flywheel and the lot will be next, but I’ve been wrong before

  • Up,Sure!

    Cupcakes’ “moment” is over. I’m bummed about this as a lifelong die-hard cupcake aficionado. They won’t even serve cupcakes at Baked & Wired’s sister location, A Baked Joint.

    • AG

      Cupcakes won’t ever totally disappear. They’re really convenient for group celebrations and a little personal treat. I think we just won’t be seeing places completely devoted to this one product.

  • OTBerbur

    This is a sad development. My spouse and I really enjoyed the cupcakes at Hello Cupcake, and every year would order (through its deliver service) a few dozen cupcakes from it for a reception we would sponsor. Both the product and service were excellent.

  • Luckycat

    I’m always sad to see a good business close down. The cupcake phenomenon has to end at some point, but unfortunately, it was Georgetown Cupcakes who stole the spotlight and remains successful, despite not being a very good product. I’m glad sprinkles and bake and wired are still around – but sorry to see Hello disappear from Dupont.

  • me

    I am sad when a local business closes (presumably due to not being profitable enough?) but I am not sad to see these sugar bombs go away. I’ve been struggling with my sweet tooth all my life. Sugar is just so bad for your health. I am not sad to see one less temptation out there. Anyway, here is to having a healthier, less sugary food business open up in that spot instead. A juice or smoothie joint would be nice.

    • CS

      I noted their wishing customers a happy and healthy 2016. Well, yeah, it will be healthier now that customers aren’t stuffing cupcakes in their faces.

    • Josh

      Jamba Juice is right down the block, and the smoothie king place is up the street.

  • They were pretty generically boring and not very good as far as cupcakes go, I’m surprised they lasted that long. Also, they opened in August of 2008, so not exactly 8 years even if you’re stretching.

  • Rich

    They were pretty good. Like most of these places, the frosting was the main attraction and some varieties were better than others. Haven’t stopped in ages even though it’s on my way home. When Georgetown goes under we’ll know that the last nail has been hammered in the cupcake coffin.

  • I wish I was an Anthropologist, I would do a study about this phenomenon. I was walking through Georgetown yesterday and saw a long line of people waiting to get in a cupcake place. I don’t understand.

    • FridayGirl

      That line is there literally every day and I never understood either!

      • dd

        People will go anywhere if it’s been on tv no matter the quality or product. Really not that surprising..

  • jcd

    I used to stop by after work for a treat on the way home, but did so less and less frequently over time. As with Cakelove, as bakeries opened in the Dupont/U Street areas with greater diversity of offerings, I substituted to them. In a comment on their Facebook page, hello cupcake said that a different bakery would be opening in the same spot. It must be hard for any business focused on a single food product to succeed; I wonder how much longer the lobster roll place south of Kramerbooks will survive?

  • Suse

    Am I alone in thinking that cupcakes are sort of awkward to eat?

  • AG

    I have a ginormous sweet tooth, but the one time I tried their cupcakes, they were waaaaaay too sweet for me. It was basically edible diabetes.

  • thedcyears

    I am sad to see Hello Cupcake go. Their strawberry frosting and lemon were delicious treats. And I didn’t even like the cupcake trend! Probably expensive overhead. Hope their recipes survived!

  • uppermostnorthwest

    I just got a gift card to here! Assuming this wasn’t a publicized as closing prior to their official closing date.


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