• GA and Lamont

    Looks like a massive downgrade

    • Anon

      Totally agree! That sign is terrible.

  • curious

    What exactly is it about that sign that instantly tells me that I will hate that place?

    Either way, seems to be very effective advertisement; thanks for not wasting my time, 2020!

    • Perhaps it’s the font that was cool for about a day…in 1983. It’s OK, I judged it immediately too.

    • AnonV2

      It’s just giving you an expiration date for whatever awful club is going in! Although I think 5 years is being a little optimistic.

      • Anonymouse

        2020 is probably the expiration date for the 3rd concept from the same owners.

  • d

    Yep, all the recent changes in Adams Morgan have almost universally been upgrades, but I’m not optimistic about this one.

  • It’s a sign!

    That sign really does speak volumes.

    To me it says 6 months with a high chance of quadruple stabbing on NYE.

  • retropean

    Not feeling it.

  • mmm

    ugh that is some awful signage.

  • Anon

    Oh come on – it’s not like these guys are graphic designers, they’re just trying to launder some drug money. Give them a break!

  • petworther

    What’s the under/over on how long this place lasts. I say 10 months. Conditional on it not being a front for laundering pot money.

    • Anon

      Pretty sure there are few, if any, people in DC who have a need to launder pot money. If it is drugs, it’s most certainly not pot. Just an FYI.

      • sproc

        Oh really? So what’s supporting that giant pot cloud hanging over the city while Congress continues to ban a legal marketplace? I’m not buying for a second that all or even most is home grown.

        • Anon

          I never said anything about it being homegrown, just that it’s not as centralized as the poster above seems to think to require the sellers to launder their profits. In other words, few people in DC are making enough money selling pot that they’d have a legitimate need to actually launder those profits. DC drug dealers making money hand-over fist aren’t doing so over pot sales.

  • Dupont Resident

    The former owner of Meskerem was my uber driver the other day and expressed his frustration with this changing hands…

    Definitely agreeing with him seeing this sign.

  • Patrick Division

    Should have gone with “2112” and installed a Rush theme. “We”d like to start with the Temples of Syrinx nachos and the Passage to Bangkok spring rolls. I’ll have the Soliloquy burger, and my date will have the Twilight Zone tacos.”

    • AnonV2

      The adjoining speakeasy would be Red Bar(chetta)

      • I would attend a Rush-themed bar at least weekly. Of course, a Rush-themed bar would be the nerdiest, male-est gathering this side of a D&D convention.

        • saf

          I would go (female, old).

  • Anonymous

    Tough crowd


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