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  • Planner

    Looks like a concrete plant. Any major construction going on nearby? Or maybe it’s for a project elsewhere downtown?

  • DM

    Not sure what they are, but they’ve been there for years. Fun fact: they’re not painted on the backside; you can see them from the Red Line.

  • EckingtonKatie

    I was told by someone who works on railroads that they are out-of-use sand silos. Apparently empty commercial rail-cars (that haul things etc) sometimes had to be filled with sand to make sure the weight along the train stayed more even (for traction and turns I think). I can’t find a link for that, so could be a variation on the truth, but it does make sense. In any event, I walk past them just about everyday. They are a complete waste of space and I keep hoping whoever owns that property (DC? Amtrak? Private firm?) will get ride of them.

    • Thank you!!

      • NorthbyNE

        Those usually have to be elevated more so the sand can be gravity-fed into the railcars. These appear to be what others said…coal or liquid storage tanks that would be used to stockpile and then fill delivery/construction trucks.

    • albany

      Kudos on the explanation, according to the zoning map it looks like the “GREATER MT CALVARY HOLY CHURCH INC” owns these,

      • A

        That makes sense… the church owns a lot of the land in that area.

        • Timebomb

          They also don’t seem willing to give up any of their real estate holdings, according to the Rhode Island Shopping Center redevelopers. They’re taking up a lot of the RIA-facing real estate abutting the new development there.

  • soozles

    missile silos.

  • Andy

    Duh, it’s where the Syndicate stores the black oil. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colonist_(The_X-Files)#Black_oil

    Anybody else looking forward to the X-Files? Anybody? Anybody old enough to remember that show?

    OK kids, once upon a time there was the 1990s, and there was a creepy FBI-meets-aliens cop show with the guy from Californication and the woman from all those BBC shows on PBS. What you don’t care? Never mind.

    And get off my lawn!

    • MsSunshine

      Love the X-Files and have already planned my first party around its return.

      • JoDa

        We practically have a group count-down going on FB!

  • Larchie

    Asphalt Plant.
    Possibly Fort Myer Construction Corp?

    • JoDa

      Ft. Meyer is on the other side, just past the Giant. I think the story above about them being coal silos is correct.

  • Anonymous

    The Rinaldi Coal Co. silos? https://www.flickr.com/photos/kinorama/4377225774
    You can see the faint remnants of the sign.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      They’ve been there a long time. I can recall seeing a very old photo of the area where these silos were visible.

  • Anona

    Duh! They’re obviously our version of pyramids: grain silos.

    • wobber

      Ben Carson will know, he knows everything.

  • 2b or not 2b

    I like ’em. Leave ’em alone.

  • Come on People! Don’t you know when you have a question about ol’DC to check here first? https://www.flickr.com/photos/kinorama/albums/72157623412752062

  • j

    these are grain holders made by joseph 1500 BC

  • CwjCP


  • Sean Wieland

    Old Coal Silos – now owned by Mt. Calvary Church:



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