Washington, DC

pain part two  Nathan Castellanos
Photo by PoPville flickr user Nathan Castellanos

Readers reported on Monday:

“One of my neighbors just stopped me to make sure I was aware that at 2 pm a woman was jumped and mugged by 3 teenagers as she was leaving Cairo liquor (next to the Soviet Safeway). One of the managers from Safeway (Jim) came out to help her up off the ground. My neighbor said she was hurt, and the police eventually came. They took her purse. So just a reminder to be cautious and aware even in the middle of the day.”


“At 1pm today, my girlfriend was robbed at 8th and Gallatin, NW. Two teenagers walked up behind her and grabbed her bag. One was wearing a red puffy jacket and sported a high-top haircut.

Fortunately, she was unharmed. Police responded quickly. As you well know, these kids usually just grab the wallet and dump the bag. The bag, which is an orange leather Coccinele, has some personally valuable items, such as a national ID card (Portugual).”

If anyone spots an ID from Portugal or an orange leather bag please email me at [email protected] so I can put you in touch with OP.


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