Washington, DC

Rock Creek Church Rd, New Hampshire and Georgia Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I was narrowly grazed by a car around 10pm tonight [Thursday] at the intersection of Georgia Ave + Rock Creek Church Rd NW. This is par for the course around Petworth Metro, as New Hampshire adds turns lanes that no one seems to expect pedestrians to be in – although the right of way is theirs. While walking south on GA with the right of way, I was narrowly grazed by a black Honda Civic who chose hot to yield although Rock Creek at this junction amounts to a service road and I had a walk sign & undeniably, the right of way. This is par for the course on GA Ave – If you need to speed down Rock Creek Church – either stop acting like an a**hole or go back to burbs. I EXPECT this while crossing Georgia Ave. Otherwise, follow basic road rules!”


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