Check Out the “New Dishes and Cocktails at Garrison”

by Prince Of Petworth November 23, 2015 at 11:40 am 8 Comments

524 8th Street, SE

Garrison opened up in the former Tash space on Barracks Row back in June. Anyone check them out yet?

From an email:

“I wanted to let you know about a few new items that Chef Rob Weland has added to the dinner menu at Garrison. The full dinner menu is available here and highlights include a handmade farro cavatelli made from house-milled flour ground from Anson mills farro piccolo, farro antica and red fife wheatberry; and a Crispy Envelope of Pig’s Trotter with slow cooked egg, red onion marmalade and mustard. A new fall cocktail menu by lead bartender Jessica Moyer includes a seasonal take on a Manhattan called All The Leaves Are Brown made with Dad’s Hat rye whiskey, black walnut infused vermouth, bitters, and an Aperol soaked fig. The bar team has also created a menu of non-alcoholic beverages and sodas, such as The Celebration, a ‘faux Champagne’ made with house-made ginger beer, soda water, and allspice lime foam.

New Dinner and Dessert Items:

Cider Glazed Rutabaga with calvados, tarragon, hazelnuts ($11)

Autumn Radish Salad with sage, heirloom apple, tangerine lace ($12)

Farro Cavatelli with broccoli, garlic confit, red pepper flakes, parmesan ($25)

Sweet Potato Tortellini with black walnuts, sage, brown butter, parmesan ($24)
Crispy Envelope of Pig’s Trotter with slow cooked egg, red onion marmalade, mustard ($27)

Warm Date Pudding with prune & armagnac ice cream ($9)

Pear & Mission Fig Cobbler with creme fraiche ice cream ($16 for two)

Baked Hot Chocolate with bourbon ice cream, pecan tuile ($11)

Cocktails ($12)
All The Leaves Are Brown
Dad’s Hat rye whiskey, black walnut infused vermouth, bitters, aperol soaked fig

Right Stuff
Traverse City bourbon, bitters, pineapple cardamom

Jessica Appleseed
house pickled heirloom apples, fall spices, vodka or gin, dolin blanc

Legend of Don Amado
Don Amado mezcal, Combier, Grapefruit, vanilla bean syrup

Dark & Foamy
Hamiltons Pot Still rum, house made ginger beer, lime & allspice foam

Flying Purple People Eater
Catoctin Creek Gin, creme de violette, lavender

Nonalcoholic Mixed Drinks & Sodas ($6)

Ginger, no Fred
simply delicious housemade ginger beer

Wrong Stuff
pineapple cardamom soda, mint sprig

Upward Dog
grapefruit vanilla fizz, star anise

Always a Bridesmaid
lemonade vanilla fizz, bitters

The Celebration
i.e. faux “champagne”: ginger beer, soda water, allspice lime foam”


  • Drinks sound good, especially that Dark & Foamy

  • Caroline

    I’ve only been there once, when they first opened, but it was really good. I don’t know why everyone bothers with Rose’s when Garrison is right across the street and so much better.

  • Sg

    The portions here were comically small for rather large prices. The food was excellent but I ended up at McDonald’s not long after, feeling hungry and broke after an expensive meal at Garrison.

    Maybe I am not the target audience (though demographically, I am, I think) and by no means require large portions of slop on a plate, but I wish there were a better middle ground. Interestingly, /\ Caroline, I found Rose’s to be every bit worth the hype. Great food, filling/honest portions, incredible service. Another place I really liked recently was Tico. Yes, it’s small plates, but you didn’t feel like it was a ripoff like some of the more precious restaurants around town (Ripple, Masseria, etc).

    • Caroline

      I had the opposite experience at Rose’s. I agree that Garrison is a little more expensive, but you end up spending the same amount if you factor in the 2-3 hours of drinking while waiting for the table at Rose’s. I didn’t think the portions were small at all. Maybe they’ve downsized them since the summer? I should go back sometime and see.

    • Portions are bigger at Rose’s for less money, you are right about this. It’s also a bit less “fancy” of a food style. It’s great, no doubt, but it’s not trying to be pretentious.

    • NoMansLand

      This. I feel like I got approximately 6 tortellini in my dish that cost over $20 – it felt more like the size of a small tapas plate, but was supposed to be a dinner for one. I don’t feel the need to ever go back.


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